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20th April, 2014


HI Folks. Hope You all had a lovely Week. We have had a shocker.

Mrs. HP has still been very sick and I have had Her off to the Doctors twice and Saturday to the Hopsital twice. X-Rays for Broken Ribs or Muscle Tears through violent coughing non stop with pain worse than Her broken Leg. :( Not good. Anyhow, a preliniary assessment of the X-Rays by the GP didn't show a break so they are thinking ripped Muscles off the Ribs but the Radioligist will examine on Tuesday. Nevertheless, as tough as she is, she is crying when she coughs, a Catch 22 for if she doesn't clear the chest now that it has broken, then pnumonia can come. :(

The Horses are all wondering why I am caring for them Morning and Night. They are also starting to get exhuberant, wanting activities.

Lunch Time Sunday.....turning the Corner. Pannadeine Forte did the trick to allow coughing.


THE BEST HOT CROSS BUNS IN THE LAND the odd roasted Macadamia Nut and NO CHEMICALS!!!!!!! Out of this World and thanks to our Dutch Neighbours for our Easter Supply.





I commented on how well run they were and of course we all know it is a lovely venue but the numbers of entrants were down drastically and I do hold by the fact that no Event should be run for more than 2 Days. It is NOT fair on the Horses. The problem with these Championships of course, was the combining of the Show Jumping Champs, witht the Dressage Champs, which was highly successful last Year and a great idea BUT NOT AT WAYVILLE. The place is too small. So not against the combined Champs but not there. Has to be at Strath or some place else. It also places a major inpost on competitors financially with fuel, wear and tear on vehicles and so on.

Here is cool Snip who is a Bold Boy that never looks at a thing unless he wants to go up and investigate it. Would make a great Eventer.




What a deceitful Organization this is. There is one thing that answer all in dealings with Govt or all descriptions and that is time. Over time the Truth and in this case their Lies, come out.

I don't have to tell You the story as You can see their sign where the Horse Trails were promised to go but secretely and behind their Bald Faced Lies into the Face of many, was their Plan to rip down the SIGNIFICANT TREES to Build the big Shopping Centre and here it is here Folks. Lying deceiful Mongrels from the Manager to the Councillors.


I haven't used these before (forgot about them) but they buried a Truck Load of Blue Asbestos beneath the current new Viceroy Residential Care Facility

, killed the Koalas by dropping the Manna Gums and a few Tonnes of Car Bodies for good measure.

click on these to expand them. (Soft People won't want to click on the third one.


and blow me down, the past Photo is of the Trees they have just dropped!!!!

Wonderful Council the Tea Tree Gulley Council. Deceitful and dirty 




Dear John,

Trusting this finds you triumphant and rested after the dressage events.

I shared your photos of the injuries incurred by thoughtless engineering.  One of the advisors was aghast.  He could barely look at your collection.  And this is a man, a pilot and a horseman, who investigated air crashes for the British military. Hard to comprehend why he could be so squeamish.

I'd tried in my usual soft-soled manner to get a manufacturer to avoid using exposed framing in the horse trailers he does, but he didn't get the point . . . I think he has now with your scalping photo.  Your explanations of the event associated with the injury are MUCH appreciated. 

I think this is one of yours, too.  Do you recall the event associated with this type of trauma?  Was it on entering the trailer, flinging the head up, and striking a projecting pin or its socket?  A very similar injury occured to a horse brought to the vet school here, but in this case the injury was caused by a piece of hoisting equipment which fell on the horse.


Looking forward to your comments and the noisy video,

Yours for the horses,

Doctor Sharon G. Canadadian Horse Transport Safety Organization.

I shall attempt to find that Video for You Sharon.



Hello there,

I am just inquiring Into what the procedure would be for my case;

Around 19th feb 2014 I sold my horse to a lady in Vic (I am in western NSW), she willingly bought him sight unseen and did not request a vet check, we had discussed over phone everything about horse and his previous experience with shows which I told her everything honestly and to the best of my knowledge. 

Henceforth, she was happy to purchase horse just on photos and conversation with me, he was trucked down to VIC  (4 day trip), and was at her property for 4 days.

On the fifth day she text me saying he wasn't sound, he was sound when he left my property to which I have many witnesses who saw me working him in the week before he left on truck, he never once hinted he was lame or looked lame. So I requested a vet check , to which result came back he was lame. She demanded full refund and trucked horse back to me without giving me a choice in the matter as to weather I accepted horse back. 

I did say in purchase I would accept horse back only if she was unhappy but I requested he had to be in the same condition he left in. 

My horse returned to me skinny , unlooked after , covered in mud with bite marks all down his rump, and extremely lame. Defiantly not what I put on truck. 

She has now taken it to lawyers demanding a full refund as well as costs for transport, I do not believe this is fair??? 

What can I do?? 

Kind regards

Legal advice being obtained by Jan






As You all know, the EA is currently conducting a review of Coachingn and holding 'Focus Groups' around the Country. Would they handle 'Obesity'? I doubt it very much.

Well they had better for the future holds risks for Coaches if the EA doesn't come up with a new Policy to cover such risk as well as the Welfare of Horses via Obesity, another subject that I doubt will be in the review. People of these Days stay well away from the hard issues.


An EA Coach was teaching this Lady when this Photo was shot. So plenty to think about Folks. Including the fact that if the Lady fell off (which is more likely due to the lack of athleticism and the Plumbob effect) could she sue the Coach for allowing Her to ride.......with that that Saddle? Well of course, it is coming Folks, so get ready for it.!!!!!!!! We don't have to mention Horse we?









A RIDER has spoken of her anger after a van driver spooked her horse, causing him to fall on top of her.

Rebecca Boyle, 19, and horse Neo were left battered and bruised after the driver blared his horn continuously as they crossed the Queen Alexandra Bridge at 4.15pm on Friday.

Rebecca, from Thorney Close, said the van driver seemed to become frustrated after being stuck behind a car that wouldn’t overtake her horse.

“I always use this bridge and the drivers are always very patient and understanding, and I always thank them for being so patient,” Rebecca told the Echo.

“I was trotting and was correctly dressed with my hi-viz gear on.

“The man in the van was blaring his horn the whole way across and the horse stayed calm although he tried to speed up to get away from the noise.

“There was a car behind me and a white transit van with ladders on behind him who was getting frustrated because the blue car wouldn’t overtake.

“He came to the end of the bridge and the van had sped up behind us still beeping and he’s either seriously spooked the horse or clipped his back end causing him to lose his footing and fall right over on top of me. The van just sped off toward Sunderland city centre.

“I just remember the horse falling on top of me and thinking that I had to get him off the road so he didn’t cause an accident,” Rebecca said. It all happened so fast I was more bothered about the safety of the horse.”

Neo, a Friesian , is a big horse at 17.2 hands, and although Rebecca was not seriously injured, she spent the night in hospital having X-rays on her neck.

She said: “We are both OK. Neo is still very stiff and has some cuts and grazes on his legs and he is a bit shy of white vans, but I’ll just have to encourage him and keep him going. My knee is cut and grazed and has some fluid build up off the fall and I have bruises all over. I’ve experienced a lot of neck pain having to take pain killers. Luckily this is all, but it could have been a lot worse.”

“I’m just so angry,” she added. “I couldn’t believe how awful people can actually be. It wasn’t as if I was going slow because I was trotting and Neo can go at quite a speed.”

Rebecca is now hoping someone might have taken down the registration number of the white van and that of a blue estate car, which she said it passed her at some speed.

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: “At 6.45pm on Friday, April 11, police were informed a woman riding a horse on Queen Alexandra Bridge had been thrown from the horse after it had been startled by a vehicle. Enquiries are being carried out to identify the vehicle to establish whether any offences have been committed.





Restaurant owner Cathal O'Malley (45) was critically injured yesterday afternoon and died a short time later at Tullamore hospital.

His wife Fiona King gave birth to their second son, Gavan, two weeks ago.

The couple also have a four-year-old son, Darragh, and they run the Old Barracks restaurant in Athenry.

The couple opened the restaurant in October 2010.

Mr O'Malley, originally from Ballinasloe, was an experienced rider who hunted with the Galway Blazers. He was taking part in the last event of the day at Annaharvey farm in Tullamore, Co Offaly, when the accident happened.

Colm O'Brennan, honorary secretary of the Brosna Foxhounds, which ran the event, said Mr O'Malley was a late entry for the event as he had taken part in the previous event.

"We are in total shock. We are really dreadfully sorry that such a catastrophe has happened on a wonderful course.

"Nothing of that nature has ever happened before. That particular jump is just a log and it has been there for 10 or 12 years," added Mr O'Brennan.

"It looks like the horse clipped the jump and seemed to somersault and landed on top of him. The Order of Malta were on the scene within a minute. He was taken to the regional hospital, which is only five minutes away." Mr O'Brennan said he did not know Mr O'Malley personally but had spoken to him just before the event because he was a late entry.

"I just had a quick word with him and another chap double checked he had his safety jacket on. He was very pleasant."

Stephanie McDonagh, honorary secretary of the Galway Blazers, said Mr O'Malley was "a good friend, a great guy, a gentleman.

"He was very, very popular. He was just a great all-rounder."

More than 150 riders took part in the Hunter Trials yesterday.

The couple's restaurant building was bought by Fiona's father Charlie King of Bawnmore, Athenry, with the prize money he won as the owner of the horse Afford A King, which won the Digital Galway Plate in 1988.

Riding accidents have claimed several lives in recent years. Last year Colin Guinan (25) from Banagher, Co Offaly lost his life when he suffered head injuries in a fall from his horse near his home.

Fatal accidents at event riding however are rare. British- born Karen Rodgers (41) was killed in a fall while taking part in a one-day event at Ballindenisk in Co Cork during Easter 2008.

The accident took place at the penultimate fence on the course, the second water complex. Ms Rodgers was an experienced and successful rider who had been involved in equestrian sport for 10 years.





Qatari racing owner Sheikh Fahad Al Thani could be looking to establish a stud farm in New Zealand after seeing the open coal mines in Australia’s Hunter Valley.

David Redvers, who is the bloodstock advisor for the Sheikh’s Qatar Racing operation, said that after flying over the area they will look to New Zealand or possibly Victoria to create a Southern Hemisphere farm.

“The Hunter Valley, having seen what I have seen will have to come straight off the shopping list,” Redvers told ABC Rural.

“To have that amount of pollution and destruction of the environment causes huge concern.

“What surprised me was just how open cast all the mines there were and the possibility of dust pollution.”

He said the amount of dust in the atmosphere, added to Australia’s dry conditions, were a “huge concern” for horses.

Qatar Racing has been one of the world’s biggest investors in the thoroughbred industry in recent times with the Sheikh ready to expand further with his Pearl Bloodstock operation.

“We’ve been looking at investing in a Southern Hemisphere farm, and a big one, to stand our stallions and breed our racing stock,” Redvers said.

“We have only been going for the last four years, but we have gone from one horse winning the Melbourne Cup in Dunaden (2011), to having 240 horses in training and a large breeding part of the business.

“We have three stallions standing in the Southern Hemisphere already and we have just invested in a horse called Zoustar, probably one of the most expensive horses to have been sold privately in Australia this year. I’m not saying we will rival Coolmore or Darley, but I’m certainly saying we are going to be up there competing with them.”

Sheikh Fahad Al Thani already has significant investment in the New Zealand thoroughbred breeding industry with his sire Makfi standing at Gerry Harvey’s Westbury Stud in Karaka.






Hello John I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about my warmblood filly, green broken, suddenly deciding she would not go forward in the arena. You told me to take her out on the trail to learn to go forward. This I have done every day since, on our own, as I am unable to have someone come with me at this time. It's been going okay. At first she would stop especially at the beginning and I would tap her on the rump with a jump crop as you describe in one of the articles on your site. This worked well and she hasn't stopped and refused to go forward the last few rides. Until today. I've just been riding around the paddocks at home and into the neighbours and have been avoiding any areas that might cause problems such as crossing water. But the last few rides we have gone over some wet ground and she has been good with it. Today we went along a track that she had been along before. There were 2 puddles but a dry area between, which she had previously gone through no worries. Today she stopped and then starting going backwards when pressed to continue! This was scary as she even started to go backwards down a bank. I got her back facing the puddles by turning her and then got off and led her between them. She didn't resist then. I got back on and rode her back between them, no problem. I am really worried about this backing up though. What can i do to nip this in the bud? The funny thing is, the breaker wasn't very clear about how he had taught her to back up, and I have been meaning to teach her this myself, now I'm wondering if I should start in light of what happened today. Please help! PS She didn't have a good stop from walk to halt either, but I've been working on this. She is starting to stop to seat, but when the chips are down, if she won't stop after being asked with seat and then blocking on the reins, I see-saw on her mouth. She now mostly stops without having to do this. Is this wrong? Please advise. Alison

Firstly, forget the 'stop from walk' and 'listen to seat' These are some of those things that come AFTER the Green Horse State, which is to be utilized to 'expose to the World' to 'Make Bold' and to get 'Forward' Forget all the 'English' type things. They will only get You into trouble.

Regarding the Water, puddles, this is simply normal things taht the Green Horse Rider encounters, which is it is why it is the job of the 'Trainer', not the Owner, because most Owners are not equipped with the skills, Heart or bravery to tackle them. For instance, If I were on Her, the Puddles issue wouldn't not have been such. Just stronger riding and making the Bold Horse. (See my Green Horse DVD's for all of this stuff"

The going down the Bank is irrelvant. The direction doesn't matter, it is just that the Boldness hasn't been put on the Horse yet and going backwards can be anywhere.

Sawing on Mouths of seasoned Horses or Green Horses is an absolute NO NO and anyone who does it is a fool.!!!

So, given the fact that You are not a Trainer but have been dela an ill prepared Green Horse, You must be mindful of NEVER asking more than You can prosecute. So, the Water, get off and Parelli the Horse through such things, then ride them. OK>?  Regards

John, thank you very much for the advice. I will stop the see saw on her mouth immediately! I have only used it in the instances where we have been going down a hill she didn't want to go down, and she starts to walk very fast, toss her head and break into trot. What should I do instead? Also, I do have the Green Horse DVD. I will watch it again, but I do remember that in the DVD you stop the horse and back it up if it goes to walk through the bit. I can't do either of these things on my horse.

why can't you?

She doesn't stop from walk to halt. Just tucks her head in and keeps walking through the bit. 
That's why I started to do the see sawing as I didn't know what else to do.
Actually in the arena I did used to do a one rein stop to stop her. But that isn't always practical or safe out on the trail.

Hi Again. Well I hope You realize that You don't have 'Leg On' a Green Horse at this stage of it's Life for Accelarator and Brakes just cause confusion.

In so far as the failure to stop at that point, this is simply a Mouthing issue or now a confusion issue. Don't have 'Leg on' Take the feel and across the one or two seconds, progressively increase the Brake on a scale of Zero to 10 to what ever it takes to stop the Horse and then soften of course. You can't allow any Horse, Breaker, Green Horse or seasoned Horse, to walk or run through Hands. Many People think You cannot take control of the new Mouth. In fact, if You don't, You won't have a good Mouth. Regards
Yes John, I don't have leg on when I ask her to stop.
Instead of the see saw I will just increase the pressure until she stops - got it. I know it is going to take a lot of pressure at first!
I also fully understand the release after the stop. 
Should I start to teach her to back up now? Using no leg of course.

Yes Alli. Back up represents part of the Mouthing. Cheers








Hi John, I’m doing the best I can to spread the message that the all purpose saddle is an anti-riding saddle. The reason I am having this rant is that I’ve leased out my horse -----, as my daughter has moved onto a more forward horse and my son isn’t interested in riding. ----- is one of those super calm, brave, tolerant and kind horses that every kid should get to own so they can do anything and everything, knowing the horse will help them every step of the way.

 So the young lady who is riding him took him to a lesson and the comment from the instructor was that he “has a back problem” because he is moving stiffly and doesn’t track up. So I asked for photos. Photo with the dressage saddle in show gear is ---- in December 2013 ridden by ---- – and yes I do say “hands up ----” The other photos are their lesson this week – all purpose saddle, legs too far forward, rising too high (this horse has a very low trot), and crashing back down, hollow back, head high.

 ---- is riding him and overall I would consider her a more balanced, softer rider than ----, but the saddle!!!!! So I’ve posted---------- video on the group facebook page and I’ll be taking over my spare dressage saddle today. Spreading the word on nutcracker bits and all purpose saddles – I’ve changed 3 families over to dressage saddles and barrel/lozenge bits. Only a few more to go! Pam




I hear You Pam but I note the Horse has a back protector on for whatever reason?????? The observation I would like to make out of this though is the Lessons with a CONTACT when the Horses are never ROUND. This is Universal across the PC World and it is this that also causes much of the problems for Horses. ***Note, both Phot's show the same, Rein Contact and NO ROUNDESS. This is a Massive COACHING problem in this Country. Mrs. HP will NEVER allow a Pupil to go around like that. You are either teaching RIDING or teaching Horse Training meaning ROUNDNESS. If is is only RIDING You are teaching, then let the damm reins go and stop swinging off the mouth of Horses and interfering with the learning of the independent A Seat and Balance anyway. A complete conflict. Nice Horse!!!!






Thanks John. Also in your experience, can you tell me what the likelihood of a horse with stifle lock succeeding in dressage? This horse does not have typical straight hind leg confirmation. Regards Stephanie.

that would be a matter of preparing the Horse for the task and then seeing if that Muscle Preparation has fixed the issue or made it worse. Rither way a good outcome for then You can get better advice from the Vets if need be. Our Running reins lunging system often fixes these Horses. Regards





Hey HP,

Saw the local cowboy this arvo while I was feeding my beast and he was trimming the neighbour’s feet.  He’s been lined up to work with that young chestnut gelding that bucked the other rider/trainer  (not the owner) off....Anyway, as he was taking off his apron and putting his ‘hobble’ belt back on....seriously...I looked at him and exclaimed “You’re kidding, are they knee hobbles?  Can’t get yourself  a normal belt? You have expensive taste!”...........Yes of course, all cowboys use knee hobbles as a belt (you never know when you may need your hobbles...hobbles on the go..who needs bailing twine, just use your knee hobbles....MacGyver would have worn a ‘hobble’ belt.....101 ways to use hobbles............) I had fun paying out on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.He asked how my hoss was going.  Of course I explained about the cantering stuff and how he is still only young.  He said, your horse is a “cold blood so won’t mature until around 8”....So I replied...god I could be dead before’s too short.......GROW UP HOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, as I like to get the last word in and while saying goodbye, I said to  the cowboy....”Hey..If you can’t handle the chestnut pony, let me know, cause I’ll have a crack!!” Of course the owner of the neighbouring horse cracked up, but the cowboy just adjusted his hatJ said nothing and lit up a durry....Was that a sign of uneasiness? Shock? Disbelief?  Could an old blonde chick ever challenge a cowboy???????????? SHIT< I JUST DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flirting gets me in trouble every time....DAMN!!!!

I tried selling u to him years ago, but he is the stubborn NH kind. Now it’s the guys vs the chicks (with a little help from HP)J I like presenting my evidence and proving people wrongJ


You ride Horses that are learning that stuff, with 2 Hands for at least 2 Years. Go watch the Western Competitions. During that time, they learn to neck rein and only then are they "Bitted Up" and HAVE to ride with one hand. Expecting anyone or any Horse to be ridden with one hand is a guarantee of ruined Mouth and confused Horse!!!!





Hey Nurse John how are you ;-)? Hopefully a quick one when you get do you go about teaching a young (18 month QH) to be left alone in the paddock? Any ideas. He has been with us two weeks and I need to take the other two out riding. There is three of them all together. Cheers Lorri

Lock Him up in the Roung Pen and whilst You are at it, Hobble Train Him for add on training and safety, plus give HIm something to entertain HImself with. Don't ever risk Paddocks. Too 'Cold Turkey' x

Thanks John

Took two horses out and watched him...trotted around a bit but settled pretty quick the odd whinney here and there. My mare was still within eye and ear shot though, credit to his temperament he is a good lad. Stockmans hobbles are on my to do list this week after I buy them from you. My round yard is not sand though, going by this fellows temperament though all should be fine. Will get a video to you shortly too.










14th April, 2014


Hi Folks. Hope You are all well.We have finally come to the end of a Month too busy with Mrs. HP's Sister's Wedding and on the Flight caught Influenza A, then Home One Day and had to drive to Melbourne for the Week with Dressage with the Stars, then preparation for a Week for the State Championships and now the last 4 Days back and forth Morning and Night from the Wayville Showgrounds, because we won't Box our Horses. Consequently, she has had the Flue come again and has been very sick throughout the Weekend. Anyhow, if there is one thing that drives these Dressage Queens on it's that 'Bloody Rug' for the Small Tour being the F.E.I. Intermediate 1 and Prix St. Georges plus the Intermediate 1 Freestyle, over 3 Days. Thankfully, she succeeded but she is being dragged to the Doctor this Morning by me as I am pulling Rank now.




They have just been held over the past 4 Days straight and a most tiring time indeed. Too much for Horses over 4 Days and not fair on them at all. They were telling us after the second Day, despite being taken Home to avoid locking them in small Boxes as well.

I got given a smacking around the back of the Head of an EA Official, for some of my comments on the lead up to these Champs, about the venue  creating so much expense and 4 Days instead of 2. I was informed that if it was not held at Wayville, it wouldn't have been held at all as they had no idea that Strathalbyn would get 100mm of Rain a few Weeks ago and without that Rain, the grounds would have been too dry. Strath has lost it's water entitlement due to some Mining Development (but are putting a Bore down now) I explained that most of the concerns I raised were direct from Riders but the Official pointed out that virtually every point I had made, was wrong. I said I would appologise if so and I do now.

Compliments to the hard working Staff who made the Event run pretty well. Special mention to Margaret Jones and Graham Rodder...oh...the Girls in the Birds Nest.

Whilst having the discussion, I brought up the lack of knowledge and action that see's unsound Horses being competed time and time again and often for Years and why don't the Judges get training on this and why isn't something done about it. After all, isn't the EA in existance because of the Love of Horses??????? I pointed out that the majority of unsound Horses DON'T SHOW LAMENESS, they just communicate and the question was put to me of how one would handle this from a Judge's perpective. I replied that I hadn't had a think about that at all and Policies would need to be workshopped and thought out. I hope it comes. I note that another unsound Horse that WAS communicating well on Thursday, was scratched Yesterday. I do hope the Owners know why. After a 100 Years, surely it is time for the Industry to progress. If they don't and if the Radicals get a sniff, Dressage had better beware.

At the end of the Day, the bottom line is that 4 Days is too much for Humans and Horses. The Champs should be two Days only. The Horse Industry need to buy their own Land and protect their future for right now and in the past, they are completely vulnerable and that to me is mindless.



It was most interesting watching the presence and scoring of the International Judge this Weekend. There is no doubt in my Mind, that she spot on and South Australian Judges who were 6% above her on the first Day, soon fell into Line on the Second on Horses that are Pyhsically challenged and still rewarded. The Judge, has run many Judges workshops in this State in the past but they still see things differently to Her which is perplexing.

 There were however, other instances of massive swings were the talk of many. There was a South Australian Judge having Cappo 6% beneath the International Judge on Saturday but noteably, Yesterday, was suddenly very close to Her. Such is the value of having someone of the stature of Mary Ziegfriend around the Place.

Mrs.  Hp was very thankfull and pleased that the International Judge was complimenting Her all Day, on having the basics right, being on the right track, having avery straight horse and showing outstanding preparation for movements. Thanks Madam.



Anyhow, Cappo and Snip were lovely Boys throughout and tried their little Hearts out. Snip competed once each of the 4 Days and was 7th, 4th, 3rd and 3rd on the last Day, only half a percent from Winning so Mrs. HP was wrapped in Him, considering he has only had a couple of Medium Trips. he is now gaining the strength required to perform the Tasks and because of his Build, has taken longer. True Unity!!!!!

Frankly, the behavior of those two Horses for the entire 4 Days, was astounding. Almost brings a Tear to the Eye. They were foot perfect to the point where even on arrival at Home, with them knowing the Paddock awaits and Friends, they stand for another 10 Minutes, like Sentry Guards to attention, for all the rugging procedures etc and then follow along on remote control in the Dark, never a thought of trying to walk ahead of You in anticipation. Lovely Horses.



I noticed another Dream Boat (Mare) of a Horse by Gainborough Donner Duccio in the background and she too was competing in the Medium.

The Snipster Warming Up


The Legend 'Mr. Cappo' was his usual perfect self and was in the F.E.I. Small Tour. He won the Intermediate 1 by 4% on his first Day, then the Intermediate 1 Freestyle to Music on Saturday and although he had had enough by Yesterday, held on to run third in the Prox St. George and secure the Championship.


Both get a well deserved Week off now and Mrs.  HP will as well for she was very sick with Influenze A throughout the Weekend, the Week leading up to it and through the Victorian Trip as well. One tough Cookie is my Wife!!! Typical Dutch :)



Hi Mr HP and Mrs HP, I just wanted to send a quick email as I was at the state dressage championships today and I watched Linda and Cappo do the Inter 1. From the moment they came out, they looked so elegant and made it all look effortless. It was so nice to see a happy horse and I could tell by all the praise that the horse received how much you both love and respect him. He's a lucky horse and it's a pity that there's not more horse people out there like you guys!! Cheers Jodie

Well Jodie.....You just pressed our buttons!!! At the end of a long hard day and just inside now, making the Boys the Happiest Horses at the Champs with Paddocks, we are buggered. We both really appreciate that. There were many unhappy Horses and unsound Horses there. :( Well done for noticing.




Hi John,a friend sent me a photo today that she had taken of Eclipse when I had leased her out and a photo from yesterday at Adult Riding Club rall thought i would send it on to you the difference after your running reins and advice J also planning to take her to our local show next weekend haven’t entered just thought I would take her up and just have a ride around and come home J cheers Tracy


No doubt about You Tracy. Wonderful effort. They can't argue with that, can they?




Hi John

Sending you this email as I currently have some horses for sale on Horse Deals and got a weird text and this email correspondence about one of my horses from someone who is so obviously a scammer and not a horseman.I apologise for the language I used in my reply to him or her or whoever they are.Maybe you could mention this type of scam on your blog to warn people.I’m sure most horsemen or women would see through it but you never know.

Keep up the good work mate,love the blog.Always look forward to Monday mornings.

Kind regards


Tara Spanish Stud

From: Mathew House []

thanks for the reply, I'm from overseas  and am always busy here thats why l wont be able to inspect the horse due to the nature of my work so I'm OK with present condition, because am buying this for my son as a Surprise gift so am willing to offer you the amount($6,000) you required.

I can only pay through PayPal at the moment as i don't have access to my bank account online(i don't have internet banking with it), but i have it attached to my PayPal account, and this is why i insisted on using PayPal to pay, all i will need is your PayPal email address to pay for the item, and if you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can set one up at it cant take you less than 3mins to do that, i will be expecting your PayPal email so l can pay.

I have a pick up agent that will come for the pick up after payment has been sorted. l will be waiting for your reply asap

I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures (if available) too since i won't be able to see this in person,what's the PayPal email to send funds to in order for me to pay you ASAP.

I hope to read from you soon.


PS: I can assure you that the horse is going to right home and will be taken care off.

Of course this will be some Black Bastard from Nigeria or some other Place.








A woman has been airlifted to hospital this morning after she suffered a head injury in an accident involving a horse on Sheppey. An ambulance and paramedic car went to an address off Chequers Road, Minster, after a call at 9.40am. The woman, believed to be in her 60s, had what is described as an isolated head injury.
The air ambulance was called to help and took the woman to Queen's Hospital, Romford.

It is reported the helicopter landed in a field near Bell Farm Lane.




  The owner of a horse that died after being hit by a car on Monday night appears unrepentant about the accident. The horse, Archie, bolted in front of a car on Brougham St. He was later put down by police. His owner, Richard Hayden, told 3 News that "cars get written off every day". "It's only a car, he should walk." The SPCA cannot remove Hayden's remaining horse, Beautifoal, because she is healthy. Though the Christchurch City Council had impounded Hayden's horses in the past, there was no bylaw preventing people from having horses within the city boundaries. CCC unit manager inspections and enforcement Anne Columbus said the horses were returned when a secure environment had been provided. The driver of the car, Vaughn Bennet, said he was frustrated by the incident - which has left him about $5000 out of pocket on the damaged car.



A man was airlifted to hospital with head injuries after falling off a horse in Pulborough. Emergency services were called to the scene at around 11am yesterday (Wednesday April 9). The 51-year-old was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton by Sussex Air Ambulance.





A 10-year-old boy is in a coma and had to have his leg amputated after he was hit by a horse box in Bury.

Oliver Hacking was crossing Bolton Road when the accident happened on Friday, March 28, at about 4.30pm.

The youngster, a year six pupil at St Stephen’s Primary School, has been in an induced coma since he was airlifted to Manchester Royal Infirmary with multiple injuries.

The accident happened near the junction with Buckingham Drive when Oliver was walking home from school after attending a booster class for his year six SAT exams.

Police are still looking for witnesses to the accident, which involved a large Iveco horse box containing three horses.

Oliver has undergone three major operations and had his right leg amputated at the knee. Doctors will not know whether Oliver faces any brain injuries until he regains consciousness. His distraught parents are holding a constant vigil at his hospital bedside.

Denise Appleyard, Oliver’s mother’s best friend and his honorary auntie, has set up a fundraising page on Facebook which has so far had more than 2,700 ‘likes’.

Denise, aged 50, of Walshaw Road, Bury, hopes the money raised will cover petrol expenses for frequent hospital visits and any necessary house adaptations the family may need to care for Oliver. doesn’t feel real, although little bits are starting to sink in. It is difficult to imagine what they are going through and how much they are worrying about his future.

“It is every parent’s worst nightmare – when Oliver went to school that morning no-one thought that by that night he would be minus a leg.

“I was with Oliver’s mum when she got the phone call and we drove to the hospital together. I never want to go through that again.

“The family are living hour by hour. It is horrendous; you just can’t handle something like this.”

Oliver was looking forward to going to Elton High School in September and is brother to Arron, aged 25, Vicky, aged 23 and Jessica, who is aged seven.

His family are optimistic Oliver will eventually come out of the induced coma as several days ago he squeezed a nurse’s hand when he was asked to.

Denise, who owns a shop in Smallbridge, Rochdale, added: “I have known Oliver since he was born. He is so full of life, a wonderful son and brother.

“He loves his Xbox Live, fishing with his dad and riding his bike.

“He is a wonderful little boy – such a pleasant and lovely child.”

Denise is arranging a number of fundraising events over the coming months to raise money and is asking the community for as much support as possible.

The first charity fun night will take place on June 21 at Tottington Conservative Club from 7pm and there are 120 tickets available.

She said: “I really needed to do something to help him and his family through what can only be described as anyone’s worst nightmare.

“When Oliver comes out of hospital there will be a lot of expenses. Raising money will enable his parents not to have any additional worry while they care for Oliver.

Denise is appealing for businesses which can donate raffle prizes, DJs and bands who could entertain on the night and bakeries which could donate a pie supper.




A horse-rider who was rushed to hospital after being involved in an accident with a lorry today urged the driver to come forward and speak to police.

Claire Macmanomy suffered serious injuries in the collision two months ago and has been off work since.

The 41-year-old is still forced to wear a back brace for 16 hours a day after fracturing three vertebrae and suffering extensive bruising.

She has to have carers to help her get up and dressed, she is unable to drive and fears she may have to sell her own horse if she unable to regain enough fitness following the accident on February 7.

She had been out riding her friend’s horse Red to a nearby stables in Gospel End, Sedgley, when the lorry approached behind.

It approached on the Sedgley bound side of Gospel End Road on a steep section bordered by a stone wall at around 3pm.

Miss Macmanomy, who lives nearby, was on the eight-year-old horse with its owner Kay Hill-Sayne walking to the side of them on the pavement.

They had been planning to ride up the road to Wood Farm which has an indoor arena for training horses. She says Kay saw the lorry coming and used ‘slow’ hand signals in an attempt to warn the driver.

But as it started overtaking the animal reared up, throwing Miss Macmanomy against the side of lorry. It is believed the lorry’s wing mirror hit either Miss Macmanomy or the horse in the accident as both were sent tumbling to the floor.

“It was terrible, the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I heard the horse’s hoofs and thought I would be trampled on so somehow I managed to slide to the road to the kerb,” said Miss Macmanomy, who works at the Jobcentre in Wolverhampton.

Her friend Kay, 39, added: “I couldn’t move I was in that much shock. It was horrendous to see. Red just got up, she was standing there, dripping with blood. Claire was on the floor, I just didn’t know what to do. It was horrendous, like a nightmare.”

Miss Macmanomy says the driver got out of the cab of the lorry, with a blue freight container on the back, to pick up his broken wing mirror.

She says he failed to leave his details with police as they arrived with paramedics in the aftermath of the accident.

She was forced to lie flat in bed for two weeks and then had a further fortnight in hospital. The horse had suffered several cuts and was lucky not to lose an eye.

Miss Macmanomy

fears not being able to ride her own horse Miles again, adding: “I may have to sell him. They have taken away my hobby.”

She added: “I just want the driver to come forward. He could have killed us.”



A girl operating a horse and buggy was injured this morning after a collision with a tractor-trailer Monday morning on Old Philadelphia Pike in Leacock Township, Lancaster County, state police at Lancaster said. The horse and buggy, which was westbound on Old Philadelphia Pike, was turning left at 7:43 a.m. when it was struck by a tractor-trailer that was attempting to pass it on the left, police said. The tractor trailer driver, Jared Kreider, 24, of Lancaster, was not injured. The passenger side of the horse and buggy was struck, police said. The horse was deceased at the scene, and the girl was taken to Lancaster General Hospital, police said. Her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, police said. The buggy spun and came to rest in a ditch.




The Turner Valley teen who died Saturday while participating in a rodeo bucking school in Thorsby dreamed of becoming a rodeo champion.

Ben Steiger, 16, was taking part in an exercise when he was thrown and kicked by a horse in an accident at the Thorsby Haymaker Centre just southwest of Edmonton.

“His dad said he really loved to rodeo,” Skeeter Thurston, an instructor and veteran rodeo competitor, said Sunday.

“That’s all he wanted to do was be a Larry Mahan. Larry Mahan was an all-around cowboy that rode the three roughstock events, he rode bulls and barebacks and saddle broncs. He said that’s what Ben wants to be, that’s what he talks about.”

Thurston was instructing the teen on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened.

Ben was bucked off of his horse and landed underneath the horse’s front feet, Thurston said.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the horse just couldn’t miss him and ended up clipping him with his foot.”

Thurston said after he was injured, Ben jumped up and ran about five steps before collapsing.

“He collapsed right at my feet,” Thurston said.

“We cleared the dirt away from his mouth so he could breathe.”

An ambulance was called and an on-site sports medicine professional rushed to help.

Thurston said the teen’s father, a Turner Valley veterinarian, performed CPR on his son for more than 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

RCMP Cpl. Corey Lyle, the supervisor for the local RCMP detachment, said officers responded shortly before 5 p.m. and found a medic from the facility and members of the public performing CPR on the youth when they arrived.

A STARS air ambulance was dispatched but the teenager was declared dead before he could be taken to hospital. Paramedics and members of the Thorsby Fire Department tended to the victim as well.

“It was a horrific event,” RCMP Cpl. Corey Lyle said.

Ben was participating in a junior rodeo training weekend at the John Duffy Bucking School when the incident occurred. The school offers training to budding rodeo performers, with Duffy providing the stock and rodeo legends Dave Shields Sr. and Thurston acting as instructors.

Thurston said participants are well aware of the risks that come with rodeo.

“We’re trying to put it all in perspective. I’ve been doing these schools for 20 years and (Davey Shields Sr.) has been doing them for over 30 years …. This is the first tragic accident either one of us has had to witness in a rodeo arena,” Thurston said.






Hi John,

I am emailing to get some advice about which mouthing dvd you would recommend for me (remouthing vs mouthing dvd’s).

Here is my story (will try to keep it to the point and not start ranting!!):

I have a 3yr old warmblood which has just been broken-in (??) by a friend. Said friend has been breaking horses for many years and gave me assurance that my horse would be safe to ride (no bucking etc as his horses don’t buck), “trust me” was a phrase he used often! Now he didn’t do this for nothing, I paid him good money for the service so was expecting results. So he seemed to progress pretty rapidly and spent roughly 8 days with the horse, by the end of this time I was assured the horse was ‘safe’ and he had me riding him in the round pen – I am a dressage rider and have been riding since a kid, I wouldn’t say I’m the best rider but I try and all my horses thus far I have ridden since breaking-in and produced them myself so not a complete novice to green horses. Now I had to ride his way which was no contact on the reins using seat/body aids only (and yes I did question him on this and told him that I wasn’t comfortable riding with next to no connection to the mouth, sure I knew that a light contact would be the order of the day for a green horse but he meant loopy reins which to my mind was no contact at all and what was I gonna do if the shit hit the fan?!). So I rode my horse like this and he seemed happy, he then said he could do no more with him and now it was up to me, ride him his way for a week then start riding my way. I did protest as he’d ridden the horse out of the roundpen once and to prove a point (I guess) he said right we’ll take him out on the road so I saddled up my other horse and off we went. Went without a hitch and young horse seemed ok, he trotted and cantered him being able to pull him up and stop so I felt slightly better, friend then left me to it. So you can guess what happened – got away with it for 2 - 3 wks but was never happy with my level of control (via the mouth) and realise that riding the horse was under his terms, so two days ago did everything as per normal but this time when asked to walk off horse decided enough was enough head down bucking then when he felt pressure on his mouth went up instead, needless to say I didn’t stand a chance and came off with a few injuries but nothing major. After a lot of ranting/swearing etc etc came upon your website as I’d already decided horse was not safe to ride until he’s mouthed properly and low and behold after watching a few of your videos came to the conclusion that no I don’t have a death wish or the desire to bungy jump so I shouldn’t be riding the horse!! Of course the damage is done now, (no need to do the lateral mouth/front brake test as I know the result).

 My question to you is would you recommend the mouthing or remouthing dvd’s? I also have another 2 yr old youngster which in the future would like to mouth myself now, (well frankly I could do no worse a job).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and also just wondering once I place an order how long usually before receiving (I am in New Zealand).

Thanks so much for your time,


Canterbury, New Zealand  

Hi Cheryl. You be careful!!

This is a remouthing job and more. You also need to know the progression of rein Handling, such as to keep Horses happy, not confused, appreciative of the Rider and when to progress plus how. That is on my Green Horse DVD's. Horse

The Green Horse is trying to learn what Legs mean to go forward. It doesn't need Hand, until it knows FORWARD well, otherwise, confusion, rear, jack up or buck through confusion, depending upon the individual personality of the Horse. Regards








Hi John.

I have a young unbroken horse who is terrified of the stirrups banging on his sides. How would you go about desensitising him?

Thanks, Ste

Lunge the Horse with the Roller, with stirrups hanging well down off the top ring as if saddled. Have my Mouthing Gear on and control the tempo or run so that the Horse cannot learn flight, does have to move walk, trot, canter later, but cop it sweet. You know what to do. Regards





Hi Hp, I have to sincerely thank you once again, for your mouthing system....

Took my hoss out for a ride this arvo and due to the rain this was the first time in over a week! He was feeling really good, spookier than usual and wanting to turn home, so I had to put more pressure on at times, and test the leg yielding! Loose rein at the walk, then he decided to shy at something (unlike him), scoot forward and up! I was airborne and thank god for gravity and having put on a few kilos (never thought I’d say that in a million years!).  Seriously, I thought I was gone....... then instinct kicked in and I pulled him around for a one rein stop to shut him down. Fine line though, especially when they go up!...obviously I’m meant to stay on this earth a little bit longer J


Well done Jo.






B commented to her mother while I was there this arvo...”Gee I’m glad we moved our horse out here! I thought that you would all be unapproachable (sic) and typical ‘horsey’ people”

I said “No, I’m not your typical horse person”J but that’s a good thing!”........ They’re getting the local cowboy out to work with the horse, but I explained that I would be available if they needed some help any other time with groundwork.  I explained I’m no pro and don’t have that piece of paper, but I know a  little bit and would like to help for the sake of the horse and the young owner. I reckon my horse can do the  talking anywayJ

The young girl was given some Parelli DVDs recently.  I was amazed that she had no idea about Parelli beforehand but finally saw the light after watching. I just assumed that EVERYONE would be aware of Parelli and at the very least ‘natural horsemanship’ by now!

I usually mind my own business, but I just felt obliged for the horse’s sake! He is such a lovely quiet boy, just misunderstood and owned by a young girl who doesn’t know any better...and you know I’m craving for a challengeJ


Go on....You know You can't wait :) You'll be chaging in no time :)





Hi John,

Was having a giggle/gasp at your page “Buying a Horse” and have a category to add:

“Child sadly lost interest – because the pretty (shitty?) little chestnut mare I bought them bucks the child off, runs through the bit, won’t leave the group, is impossible to catch, bites during girthing etc etc etc!”

Sadly have seen too many of these in the local pony club – happy little riders completely over horsed on hot-tempered riding ponies (always chestnut mares??) and put off riding for ever. 

Happy trails …

Sarah P


Lol Sarah. How true :)





I have told this to 20,000 Dressage Queens in my Life.....basically none of them ever listened hahahaha

EXCUSE ME !!! I LISTEN :P...Rosie.

I can confirm, after many Years experience and even as late as this Saturday, Women do not even hear a Male Voice at the dressage. I actually had to start talking in a Female Voice, to be heard, whilst sitting with only 3 of them. It;s a Womens' World Rosie and none of them would realize what I am talking about!





Hi John, need some help! 
My 3yr WB filly has been back from the breaker for about 8 wks now. 
She is really quiet.
Had some little problems with her over that time which I've worked through -
main one was falling out through the shoulder towards the gate of the arena.
And going sideways when asked to transition from walk to trot on left rein, but I could get her into trot after about 2 steps and then she went straight.
Had her teeth done and got the chiro to check her.
She improved more then and was going well until it rained and I couldn't ride her for a week.
Got back on her 4 days ago. First ride was in the round yard, all good.
Second day in arena she went sideways badly on both reins when asked to trot.
Third day she refused to trot even when the whip was applied. I took her up to the round yard and lunged her. She trotted. I got back on and got my duaghter to back me up with the lunge whip.This worked. I did not use a whip on her myself, it was just the threat of the lunge whip. 
However when I got on her today in the round yard, she would not even walk forward when asked with leg, without my daughter backing me up with the lunge whip.
I am planning to take her out on a trail ride with another horse as soon as possible, as I think she would walk on then.  I have taken her out about 4 times since she was broken, and she was great. 
But she's not at the stage where I would take her out on her own, and I don't often have someone to go with.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Hi Alison

Hard to know without seeing the Horse. I can only tell You possible causes of this:

  • Not getting out of the Round Pen early enough

  • Not riding on the Pleasure Rein for the Contact for Contact sake on a Breaker just confuses the Hell out of them.

  • Not getting out of the arena early enough. Not enough Trail work early on and establishing the Horse out there. The Trail is where FORWARD  is learnt.

One thing for sure, get out of the arena now!!! and don't go back there until You have fixed this.

Here is the Rein on a Green Horse






Hi John
Looks like Cappo is a little super star  How clever giving you a lead all by himself :)
I read the letter from Dianne today and just wanted to add that when a horse stands over the front legs like Dianne had mentioned it can mean heel pain in the front feet.  That's what my retired guy would do and x-rays showed he had wear on his coffin joint.  They put their feet back to avoid weight on the heels.
I must say I read on your blog and on other sites a lot of people complaining about their horse when they first get it home.  Saying it must have been drugged as it was really off its rocker when they got it to their place.  I think it is a pretty common thing for a horse to carry on a bit when it arrives at a new place.  I know my OTTB did.  I looked at him and thought to myself "what the hell have I done??"  He was carrying on a treat.  My lovely friend saw the look on my face and thought I'd be much happier if he went to the paddock the lovely quiet horse I'd seen, so she went and lunged him for a bit till he calmed down. Didn't take long and he has been good ever since - well mostly!  He's had a couple of off days, but in 3 years 3 off days isn't really too bad.
We had a bit of an incident at the end of last year.  My OTTB was being "funny" is probably a good way to put it.  Every time I asked for trot, he'd canter.  He was a little humpy going up and down hills.  All very out of character for him.  Had a lesson with my instructor and she rode him for the first time in 3 years, that's how off he was.  She suggested changing the gullett in the saddle as it was sitting low with a rider in it.  So I went to do that and discovered we had a broken tree!  No wonder he was off.  Rode in another saddle and he was perfect again. We were both very pleased as he was acting very out of character.
He is still going super :) and is a pleasure to have around.  I was a little worried reading your ground rule review when you mentioned losing your hat.....  We're doing a number of pre ride stretches at the moment, including stretching out front legs and my hat is constantly being rearranged as he tries to see what I am up to.  Good to see that wasn't what you were meaning.  He is a cheeky fellow and has to be told that not everything needs to end up in his mouth.
Have a great week

Cheers K






Hello John Oleary,

I don't think you would remember my Quarter Horse mare who kept bucking after 4 months. I will shorten the whole story but I found out she was an Ex Rodeo horse by the old owner which sadly was a beginner..and had allways pig rooted when out of work and she would behave well and all of a sudden in 6 months or so. She would go completely Bucking Bronco. Now when I read the PDF file you sent me I diagnosed my own horse only for trail riding and im very glad I did because I can imagine what would have happened to me if I pushed this horse to its limits. This mare nearly killed a professional trainer by back flipping over when rearing.... and running itself into walls to throw the rider of. It was diagnosed by a vet and the trainer after 5,000$ spent trying to train the horse that the horse was unsound. Now I bought the horse of a lady called Angela in Geelong which obviously lied completely to me. Thank god after six months riding the horse trail riding.. exct I never once fell of or hurt myself. But I should have believed in myself, I thought there was something wrong (I even thought she might have been a rodeo horse) but I learn Hardly any ONE WILL HELP YOU DIAGNOSE ...only you, most of the time that's what I learn from your information. Trainers most of them call horses naughty but there not. Now after reading your pages about purchasing horses I bought a Thoroughbred called Red (after rodeo mare found a home as paddock companion). Red is 15 yrs old never raced and he has amazing conformation uphill and good hind quarters. Red was broken in at 2 years old but he is just my fun horse he holds his head relaxed and normal , he has good brakes, leg yields and has never bucked,reared,bolted or even put his ears back at me. I trialled him for four weeks and he had been out of work for a year but he loves trails, floats no problems and you can pull him up after a fast canter with ease. He does have a bad mouth from begginers and pony club but I found that inside leg and outside rein gets him softening and bending in a circle.

Regards Olivia who is gaining confidence and learning to ride properly the classical way :)
I did get spine problems from the bucking but the physio says it should go away.


You give me hope Olivia. Well done in deed. Lookin Goooood!!!!




Hi John, I was given a lovely STB mare from a trainer – 3 years old – my daughter Rebecca started her under saddle and this mare has the most amazing temperament. Everything we have thrown at her she just accepts. Very brave, calm and tries her heart out for you. Not forward or fizzy – just one of those really nice special horses. The trouble is her left stifle clicks – is this something that I can resolve with correct muscular development? As you can see from the picture she is a typical ott STB with a minimal topline. We got her 1st February – the unsaddled picture is the day we got her and the saddled picture was yesterday. She is a bit of a fatty also. Sorry about how dark they are – it always seems to be raining at our place lately! We have her in the running reins 3-4 times per week and her natural way of moving is head long and low. If the stifle issue is not fixable then I am happy to retire her and keep her for the beginners when they want a plod around the arena. I’m prepared to spend some money if needed – as she is possibly the calmest, bravest, kindest horse I have ever had the pleasure to own. My intent was to get her going nicely and sell her on, but the more I work with her the more I am convinced that she will stay with me forever. Help needed and happy to pay for advice – send videos etc etc etc Sarah

Hi Sarah

Providing the Mare isn't Lame and or showing signs of any distress, the continued work may strengthen Her in that area and solve the problem. Many Horses make noises but don't show unsoundness symptoms. I would however recommend getting the Vet in and having the Stifle area X-Rayed and other general examination of the rear area whilst there. You do have to eliminate Bone Chips of course. If You get the all clear, continue on with the work and see where You end. I wouldn't be too worried at this stage. I note that she has Her Left Leg forward or we could say Right Leg back in both Photos and whether that has any significance will be revealed. Nutrition is important of course. Lovely Girl!!! Where is the back cinch????


Thank you – she is a very lovely girl. In fact all the standies I have known/owned are lovely – 100% across the board. Back cinch – the daughter’s pally gelding bucks like a champion with one on, even after Greg Powell had him for a weekend. Fine one day, buckjumper the next – both she and I have been launched into orbit this year. Fortunately the first buck never gets us off, so we have the option to ditch. Take the cinch off and he is completely reliable. So we don’t use one on him. It went on after the picture was taken. I saw on the website something about cold backed horses? A webinar? If so, we will be watching with interest. Sarah Sarah






So today Leo (who shame-idly does pull back on occasion) pulled back from the wall whilst tied to twine (BHS!! - cant shake em off) but to his horror it didn't snap like it has done in the past, so he panicked for a few seconds, tried to pull back again and then i pushed him forward where he stood like a lemon - in shock i think. now im taking this as a win situation - will he think twice next time? I think i need to train him to tie properly but am not sure how to... Just thought id share this with you anyway! Best wishes, Katy xx Scotland.

Hi Katy. It depends if a Horse was trained to tie solid dueing the breaking in process or not. I know You broke Leo in but would have been constrained severely and Idoubt there would have been any facilities to indeed Train the Horse to tie up Solid and certainly You are in Twine World.

So if the Horse wasn't officially trained, this event could work in two ways. One being that it commenced his training and realization of such restricition or if there was any Pain involved, it could even triggeer Pulling back, dependent upon the Personality of the Horse.

I would suggest that You don't risk it for if he goes again and breaks the twine, he will become a Pull back Merchant. Regardless of Your lack of facilities in Scotland, I can and will tell You (as part of my Horse Training Online) programme, which you used to break in Your Horse. Regards





Hello Mr. HP, after following you on Youtube and looking forward to your blog every week, I thought you might be interested in this weeks blog entry by These Danish girls spread the “listen to your horse” gospel as well and are spot on when it comes to put the finger in the wound. It seems, colt starting competitions found their way to Europe, with “trainers” scarring horses for life and overlooking symptoms of pain. Have a look if you find the time: Greetings from Dresden, Germany Kerstin

Dresden. Germany

Thanks Kerstin.I had a brief look and see that the Reporter from Epona TV is not qualified to comment on such Events as she doesn't have the required knowledge and plus is a bit of a radical, looking to knock the Trainers at every turn. She can't handle the shock of seeing the difference between European starting and American influence. She is full of emotive terms to make the Trainers look bad and a very dangerous Peerson to have sitting in the Crowd. She uses the word FLOODING but she forgets how they are started in Holland for instance, where completely unbroken Horses are just jumped on top of and Bucked out. Not impressed!

regards and thanks






Mail: horseproblem at