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Hi Folks, following on from the many Letters that I get from around the World and the subjects of Horses Bolting and so on, I thought I had better finally get around to warning You about Bits.

Thinking and progressive Horse Trainers around the World, are forever looking for new ways to be better, for the Horse. A few Years back, the Myler Brothers in America, came up with a fantastic new design of a Bit and I played a big part in launching them in Australia.

Then, having had so many Horses Vote for them to me, decided to add to the range myself (for they were mainly Western) and include English Horses, Hacks, Pony Club, etc to the point.



Down through the Ages and still for the majority of Horses now, these old fashioned Bits are used. They have two detrimental effects.

  • Hitting the Roof of the Mouth when You pull on the Reins

  • Squeezing the Bars of the Mouth as they close up

The "Jointed Snaffle'


So these cause resistance and even the Bolting of Horses. So get rid of them Today!!!!!!

I have Agents in the UK, NZ, South Africa and Canada so far. Please use them if you are there.



I ride many Horses and they have all voted for these new Bits.

and many other types






Hi John,I've bought a few DVD's and gear in the past and I'm a big fan of your methods.I have a rodeo(saddle bronc) and campdraft background,I'm in my sixties and still very active with the horses.I've started a few horses over the years and a couple have turned out handy camp horse and I've just started what will be my last ,a two year old and a five year old.As they will be my last I want to do the very best job I can of course so I'm going over your DVD's in case I have overlooked something in the past.I would like to get a copy of your E book if possible and I wanted to ask what your main opposition to the Lungy Bungy device is.I bought one recently but haven't used it as yet.If adjusted correctly,it looks like it would work a treat as the horse can find the release real quick.Cheers for now,Mick Gleeson,Mareeba FNQ.


HI Mick, best of luck with these two. Exciting but Sad Mate.

My objection to anything elastic is that my view is that to attain the very best mouth on a Horse and the foundation stones of 'give' above all, one doesn't want to be teaching a Horse that they can "find their own relief" for it is I who want's to be making those decisions and giving relief, when I think it is appropriate. That being for a job well done, but if I teach a Horse to do it's own thing, I have taught 'learned resistance' up front and God knows how fast Horses learn that. They are Masters of resistance and Born resisters. So the art of true lightness and therefore true control, is to teach a Horse to 'Give at all Costs' and now. Don't make me have to convince You because You "find Your own relief" ok?







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