on all Products and DVD's within the Package.


How does it work?

I have been asked many times, for a package of the entire system, with step by step explanation, DVD's and Equipment for each.


Package will be:


FREE Video Portal

  • Join Up

  • Stock Whip Training the Horse and You

  • Mounting the Horse on the first Day

  • Bringing the Breaker 'on the Bit'

  • First Ride on the Starter

  • Mouthing the Difficult Horse

  • Tying up the Horse

    Value $140



  • Natural Horsemanship Training the Horse

  • Mouthing the Horse

  • The complete training of Leg Restraints

  • Riding and Training the Green Horse




  • Natural Horsemanship Halter

  • Natural Horsemanship 12' Lead Rope

  • Tying up Lead Rope

  • Introduction to tying up Rope

  • Breaking in Collar

  • Protective Boots

  • Breaking in Boots

  • Front Leg Strap

  • Stockman's Hobbles

  • Back Leg Hobbles
  • Stock Whip
  • Long Reining Rope Set
  • Breaking ion Roller
  • Breaking in Bit
  • Tying up Rope Halter
  • Back Leg Strap

  • Breaking in Collar

  • Collar Rope

  • O'Leary Buck Stopper (optional extra)
  • O'Leary Half Breed Saddle (optional extra)

PRICE $1506 - les 20% = $1205

Discount $306
Free Videos $160
Free Supervision via Video Homework






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