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9th July, 2017


HI Folks. How are You all? Hope You had a great Week.

Mrs. HP and I went for a short Walk Today, after Coffee in Victor Harbor and to see the new Tuna Farm

that has been towed here. I wonder why?








Hi. Please find attached pics of my saddle in action. Thanks to it, I'm now out hacking again. Something I doubted would ever happen! I now have a Western Instructor & will be doing trail classes with the Bay I'll post a testimonial as soon as I have better pics. Nik.  Surrey. UK




Hi John - Just wanted to send a quick note reinforcing the high importance of leg restraint training.  We've trained all our horses following your leg restraints training protocol...just old fashioned sound basic horsemanship that seems to have been lost in the modern natural horsemanship trick pony craze.  Yesterday in our late eve barn check we discovered that someone had tied a hay net too low and one of the horses had torn a hole and gotten her foot stuck in it.  Due to the training, she was found calmly standing with her foot raised, and not a nick, cut or scratch.  We released her with zero trauma or struggle.  Potential disaster avoided by old fashioned basic horsemanship...which you bring to much of your training approach...which is one reason I'm a big fan and follower of yours.  Much of this old horsemanship that produced safe horses under pressure has been lost in the "star trainer trick pony world", and you preserve it.  Thank you.  Best regards, Jack . USA





Hi, John I have not had too much reason to contact you but today I thought I would send you this message of appreciation for all the work you have done on mouthing horses. I am 55 years old, 5 foot 2 inches tall and 57 kg in weight. I ride a 4.5 year old  warm blood gelding who I have had since the age of 6 months. ----is now 17.1hh, big and powerful. I have done most of his training myself except for the mouthing and backing. Nicole Bortolussi did the mouthing and backing. She mouthed him according to your single line mouthing method. This she did successfully so that the rider can do a one rein stop and bring the horse under control if necessary. ------ is mostly quite a laid back horse but occasionally circumstances arise where the adrenaline goes up. Today this was such an occasion. I rode him away from my other horse (Nicole had control of that horse) on a public road. The actual riding on the road did not faze him but after I turned him around and rode him back towards my other horse ---------could see my other horse was upset and anxious. His adrenaline was up and I was facing the prospect of him playing up enough to dislodge me. I did a one rein stop on him and maintained that until he calmed down. This stopped him from humping/bucking and eventually he stood still and calmed down. If I was not able to do this I would have had an accident for sure. It also goes to show that even a small/light female rider can control a 700kg warmblood horse. I have your mouthing DVDs and I studied them very carefully. I also had a go at the single line mouthing on a pony Nicole had. So, I can really appreciate what you say about mouthing horses in order to make them safe. Because I can successfully control such a big horse I have been able to ride him in a 1,000 acre national park, ride him in traffic and practically anywhere I choose. However, at the moment -------is always accompanied by another horse. So, again thank you. You have a real devotee in me. Cheers,

Dear John Please find in the attachments below some pictures of this beautiful young horse. Nicole and I work with him and I have a really good dressage instructor who also rides him. --------is coming along very well but I am taking him slowly because he is big and very young. I am an amateur rider but I have been riding since I was 8. I have had some really 'feral' horses in the past and this has helped me handle such a big warm blood. Your horsemanship methods have withstood many tests and I certainly believe they are effective and correct. It is really good you have chosen to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Cheers . Australia.


Thanks Madam. Most heartening. I get reports, at least once a Week, where People have been saved from serious injury or Death.....which brings my to my absolute objection, to the reports I am getting ...............



The advent of the Internet has spawned a flood of Horse Training Stars. The World is the stage and one can be big over Night., however, during this time, the 'Scientists' have been coming out of the Laboratory, after writing Years of 'Peer Reviews' of Horsemen like Monty Roberts, Parelli and others and then, after the debacle at Equitana, including myself.



Indeed, the Scientists say the following:

. A number of people in the horse world: Monty Roberts, Buck Buchanan, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, and others have popularized the concept of �horse whispering� which is nothing other than a deep understanding of equine behaviors and responding to them in much the same way other horses would. Monty Roberts calls this �learning the language of Equus� and in general the theory and practice is based as much in being able to accurately interpret equine behavior as it is in being able to communicate desires in a �language� horses are likely to understand.

I say, that is dead right and that is why Scientists simply are not qualified to either comment or to attempt to train. I cannot work their Test Tubes and they can't spent Thousands of Hours in a Round Pen.


During those Years, I have unfortunately had around 20 Rearing, Bolting or Shut down Horses, come through my Hands, Victims of the systems of the Scientists. The current Dressage World is littered with them, all the way to Grand Prix.

The Century of tireless work to educate Horse Owners a better way for Horses and evolving for the better but over the last 10 Years, the good of this work has been negated, by the popularity of some Scientific Training systems on the back of the Title and instant believability and words that are too big for most to understand. Hundreds of Thousands are being influenced.

I am most concerned about the serious 'Risk Management' issue of the attack on the "One Rein Stop", happening at lectures around the Country.

This is to 'Level the Playing Field' and the fist right of reply from a Horseman.



On occasions I was blinded with science, some interesting other parts pretty basic. However, he did spend quite some time criticising the "one rein stop" saying that it causes the opposite shoulder to bulge etc. and that it would not work with a bolting horse. He has missed the point completely that the one rein stop prevents the notion of bolting in the first place. He stated that horses should only be trained with the two-rein stop. He constantly emphasised pressure/release in rein handling




The McLean Training system.




And THIS is why we hobble train... just came home and found her. Not a mark on her leg.





Just want to say a massive thank you to you John the owner has now paid back the money 💰 just waiting on Jess (seller for owner) couldn't have done it without your input Forever thankful xxxx...You are a good man John xxxx



Congrats to Mick Taylor for refunding a Buyer who purchased a Quarter Horse but it failed a Vet check. He did it same Day.






Goes to Melanie. She actually SPOT SPRAYED Her own Paddock for Broad Leaf Weeds. Thanks Mel!!




" If You ever think about 'fast tracking' a Dressage Horse, make sure it is over 7 Years of Age, for trying it on Younger one's is asking for Soundness or Mental issues."





Thanks Maureen Webb.










THIRTY ponies from the Fannie Bay Equestrian Club have been given their marching orders from Darwin Council.

Club president Melanie Brenton said they were handed notice to vacate the land they had used for almost 50 years.

“I am sad and angry and I am bewildered. Community clubs like ours make Darwin such a great place to live. It’s been part of the Darwin community for 50 years,.” she said.

Council voted to terminate the club’s lease two years ago and Ms Brenton urged Territorians to write to aldermen and sign the FBEQ’s petition in final bid to save the club.

“There is no discussion, no negotiation, no offer for alternative management,” she said.

“All we want is for them to reconsider. We don't cost the council a cent.”

Parap mother Lisa O’Donoghue said her young daughters would be “devastated” if the club was forced to leave.

“It’s their identity, it’s their happy place,” she said.

City of Darwin chief executive Brendan Dowd said in July 2015, council resolved to terminate the lease with the club and provided the required 60 months notice to vacate the property by July 30, 2020.

“The Fannie Bay Equestrian Club currently occupies an area of 15ha and council has determined this land should be available to the whole community for public use,” he said.

To sign the petition, contact fanniebayequestrianclub@gmail.com




Penarth, United Kingdom – When Jocelle Lovelle’s teenage daughter was knocked from her horse by a motorist, she knew something had to be done to increase safety for horse riders. Her novel approach may be backfiring as enraged motorists take their anger out on the group.

Lovelle and her friends wear bright yellow vests and saddle pads with the word “Polite” instead of “Police” and body camera’s in a further attempt to fool motorists into believing they are police. The plan is working, partially, as motorists dramatically slow down as they pass. Some motorists, however, once discovering the group is impersonating police, are quite upset. “They look a bit like police checks, and are quite good because it slows the traffic down and it also help people see us. Drivers genuinely don’t know what to do. Some swear, beep horns and are abusive,” Lovelle said.

Impersonating an officer is illegal in the UK and violators are subject to fines and up to 6 months in jail.





Ohio – In a rural pasture between Leesburg and Greenfield, a horse owner was awakened by the sound of a shotgun and a car speeding off. She rushed outside to find her beloved mare had been shot in the throat / chest area.

“The lady was able to spend the last minutes with her beloved horse, she has had the horse for 15 years,” Samantha Spears wrote about her friend, the horse’s owner.

Police investigating the shooting believe the horse was lured to the fence, then shot point blank. No information is available whether the horse was targeted on purpose, or if it was a random act of violence.




All across the United States people legally and illegally set off fireworks last night in celebration. Nearly everyone loves watching the bright lights and loud explosions from the spectacular display, but the same sights and sounds bring absolutely terror to horses.

“We’ve got horses injured, broken legs, broken necks, were having to euthanize some. Even horses in stalls, as I had one trying to climb and get out to get away from it,” Team Aloha Stables, in Kentucky, owner Wendy Winstead told reporters. She went on to say “They were so big and loud that it got my horses running and mares and foals were screaming. They were terrorized basically. They are fight or flight animals. They don’t know how to fight it. They don’t understand; therefore they are going to start running.” 68 horses were in pasture at Team Aloha, and nearly all of them panicked during the fireworks.

Kathy Snyder, a horse breeder in Kentucky, told reporters one of her horses died from the fireworks. “The grass was wet. He ran spooked, scared out of his life and broke his hip. The next morning I had to have him euthanized.”

In Lake Helen, Florida, a horse suffered from a heart attack and died while being ridden by a teenage girl during the celebration.

Quiet fireworks, that are designed to provide the visual excitement without the explosive sounds, are becoming quiet popular in Europe. Britain only allows quiet fireworks at venues that are close to livestock, wildlife or people.




Manteca, California – Multiple agencies responded to a horse trailer rollover with two horses trapped inside. The Lathrop-Manteca Fire Department, Manteca Animal Control, California Highway Patrol and San Joaquin County Sheriff all responded for the request for assistance to free the trapped horses. No details are available for the cause of the accident.

The two horses trapped inside were carefully extricated from the wreckage by crews with specialized training. “These calls are generally high risk, low frequency, and highly technical,” the Fire Department wrote on their Facebook page.

Once freed, the horses were rushed to the veterinarian hospital for evaluation. Sally, the Paint mare, had severe lacerations on her face. The lacerations are all superficial and she is expected to make a full recovery. Twister, the sorrel, was pinned upside down with his head down for over an hour, appears to be unhurt except a sore hip and scraped back. The horses are expected to be discharged from the hospital on Monday.





DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.–Pennsylvania’s Horse Racing Commission revoked the licenses of the Penn National horse trainer who directed veterinarians to administer drugs to her horses on race day, a violation of track rules and state law.

The decision comes a week after Murray Rojas was convicted of 14 felony counts of misbranding prescription drugs on race day and conspiracy.

“The commission commends the United States Attorney’s Office on its successful prosecution of Ms. Rojas,” Thomas Chuckas, director of the commission’s Bureau of Thoroughbred Horse Racing, said in a release. “The commission will continue to exercise its statutory authority to test race horses for evidence of performance-enhancing substances.”

The release adds that the commission will continue to take appropriate licensure action against those caught violating horse racing law and regulations in Pennsylvania.





HARRISBURG — The woman accused of abusing a police horse during a rally on the capitol steps last month had her case bound over for trial, court documents show.

Lisa Joy Simon, 23, will be formally arraigned on charges of aggravated assault to police, taunting police animals, prohibited offensive weapons, obstruction to law enforcement, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 1, according to court documents.

Police say Simon was part of a crowd of counter-protesters at the Act For America Rally on June 10. The Philadelphia woman was a member of an ANTIFA organization, according to Harrisburg police.

During the rally, protesters moved from the capitol steps northward on N. 3rd Street. During police attempts at crowd control, Simon allegedly used a flag pole with a silver nail attached to strike a police horse in the neck. She later resisted officers’ attempts to arrest her.

The horse, Sampson, and his rider were able to continue working with minimal injury, according to police.

Court documents show that Simon posted bail in the amount of $100,000 on June 12.





Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Friday directed the Maharashtra government to come out with a policy for care, safety, and rehabilitation of horses. A Division Bench of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice N.M. Jamdar was hearing a public interest litigation filed by Animals and Birds Charitable Trust, an NGO, highlighting the plight of horses and ponies used for Victorias and horse carriages in the city. It also said that the Victorias/carriages are used only for joy rides and not as a mode of public conveyance. Directions to traffic cops Therefore, the PIL sought directions to the Mumbai Traffic Police and the State to ensure that Victorias and horse carriages, which are not licensed under the provisions of the Bombay Public Conveyance Act, 1920, are not allowed to ply. Affidavit submitted On July 6, the State government submitted an affidavit that Victoria and horse carriage owners and drivers shall be eligible for a vendor licence under the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014.

The State also said that they will provide ?3 lakh to them. And horses should either be rehabilitated or given to NGOs who look after the animals. The affidavit also said that the State Cabinet has instructed the Animal Husbandry Department to frame a comprehensive policy to take care of the safety and health of the horses. Another Division Bench said the government must consider starting them again for joy ride and entertainment, or must consider giving taxi and auto permits to the owners. Completely illegal In June 2015, another Division Bench had held that the use of horse carriages/Victorias for joy ride is completely illegal, and said that the authorities must ensure that they are stopped in one year’s time. The court had also said that the State government must come up with a scheme to rehabilitate the horses and the families of those associated with the business of running horse carriages.





"With all these professional brass people and with just not even a full rehearsal, she sat in and just did beautifully," he said.

It shows the kind of talent she had and the respect she had earned, Keelan said.

She was well-liked and well-known throughout the conservatory, from her participation in musical performances to selling box office tickets to events, he said.

It was just part of her nature to be involved and come out to support those around her, Keelan said.

"Very seldom would she be saying, 'No, I can’t be there for you,'" he said. "She was always there."

That was also true at BEAMING Inc., which "exists to enhance the quality of life for people with special needs by developing relationships between people and horses." Van Asten started volunteering there in 2011, said center director Katie Samuelson.

Samuelson knew she could count on Van Asten, no matter what needed to be done.

"She was one-of-a-kind," Samuelson said. "There is no way to explain how gracious, how wonderful of a person and a volunteer she was.”

She had a way with the horses, especially one named Thunder. When she was their handler, they were calmer, Samuelson said.

"She was so patient with them and yet assertive," she said.

Bonnie Keyes, co-owner of Mulberry Lane Farm, declined to comment on the accident but said Van Asten was hired as a farmhand in the spring of 2016.

During the busy season she also helped take admission and guide family tours at the petting farm. Her favorite task was exercising the ponies and the farm's horse, Scout.

"She was a gem,” Keyes said.









Hi John - I have previously purchased training videos and also your excellent market harborough which has been great for teaching my children contact without ruining the horses' mouth. I often refer to your site when i am looking for sensible unbiased advice (not easy to come by in this industry). I've just returned from a 3 hour trip with two (usually) relaxed well travelled stock horses - however, for some reason, this time there was quite a bit of attempted biting and even a threatened kick or two - they are in a very roomy and well maintained 2HSL ranch float (extra wide extra high) and i had them both tied up to the side and also had a stallion divider in.

My question is whether i should continue to float them together (as its quite disconcerting to have the float move around from the lunging and teeth baring even though there is no biting or contact) or think about an angle load with a bay to spare? Obviously I want the maximum safety but it would be painful to have to transport them separately. Does a stallion divider behind the wither or and anti sway bar help in these circumstances? Or is there any additional training i can undertake? They both load calmly and sensibly and this behaviour is periodic. Any guidance you have would be gratefully received. Cheers Kirsteen


Hi Kersteen,

Frankly, they are being Brats!!! and they need a straighten up...but how do You do that going along?????......thinking on feet here now..........yes, got it..........would work perfectly.

I owe it to this equipment for the saving of the Life of our Dog Boof as I was going to Shoot Him. We couldn't keep Him Home, he listened to nothing, got 1080 Poisoning and was totally out of control. Not his fault, psycho from the Breeder.

We fixed Him in 2 Days and he is the perfect Dog now in every way.

Have fun :)......ooohhhhaaaaaa, the City People are going to need Therapy after they read this :)

Bottom Line is that at least one of them is being a Brat.

Yes, just to make sure he doesn't throw the head through the roof first time.

Teach him in the test though. Put them into together say and if he threatens, give it to him :)

It's got electricity as well hahahaha


Haha what an excellent idea - never would have thought of that but its perfect - real time remote training! I know that its the younger one that starts it - the other is just retaliating when he gets annoyed - should i try out the collar in the yard just to check he doesn't over react? 

I'll get onto it and let you know how i go

Thanks again







Hi John, I have a question for you. I took my ex racer to a clinic today. And what a different horse. Hot , edgy etc. Nothing like the chilled out horse he is at home. Now on the large around the area track, he wouldn't walk, he would try to jog. I would usually use a give take give take quickly until they slow back to a walk. But the instructor was telling me to pull on the reins and don't stop until the horse is walking. I understand her idea as he is rewarded when he walks but he gets extremely heavy on my hands and leans on the bit . And my arms get tired

HI Amanda. I completely disagree with the Instructor. That is typically British. Not only can it not work but it is what serves to frustrate and Hell out of Horses and indeed contribute to Ulcers via tenseness.

No Human can 'Hold a Horse back' to make it Walk. They can Bolt, run backwards, rear over backwards, dance sideways, both ways, jig job into a Froth or indeed, do piaffe and passage. Everything but walk.

This is typical of the ex Racehorse and not their fault. They need re-training, via Natural Horsemanship training of a psychological nature, to ease their Minds and for goodness sake, FOR THE FIRST TIME in their Lives, show them a better way.







2nd July, 2017


Hi Folks. How are You all? Hope You had a lovely Week. I had a ripper. Back Home with my Wife for a few Days and letting my poor Body recover from the hard grind. Backs nearly ready to go again :)


Mrs HP has had a good Year. Now another present. Thanks to Jo Hockey and the Business Tax write off of $20,000 a Year for Capital Purchases of equipment for a Business.....the Liberals, getting the economy going again.




Sadly, he failed his first test and is back on the medication and rest for another stint. More time needed for Him to repair : Mrs, HP is very Sad.

The other Horses are going well and Dulce is entered again in a couple of Weeks, for another Advanced Test and then she is going to Gainsborough for a spell for a few Months. She will be back and no doubt will keep my Prediction of Prix St. George before Christmas :)

Williams Muscles still continue their turn around from upside down to over the top and he is starting flying changes.

Mrs. HP has been teaching plenty and had a good cancellation the other morning, from a Lady in Tasmania. Her Horse has suddenly grown wider and more muscled and she had to get Her Saddle changed accordingly. That's the kind of cancellation I like :)






Goes to Melissa for impeccable Stable and Yard Management and she has 3 Horses to look after. Outstanding effort and lovely Girl too!!

and welcome to new agistee who Herself ran Her own Equestrian Centre. She has some horrendous stories of ferals Different area, different clientele :)

I am back down there this Week as I have to replace a Solar Panel that runs a number of Stables. I installed another Flood Light for them but the existing Panel was a bit too small to handle it so I have got one twice the size.




Recently, a National Judge commented to the best Riders in South Australia, that none of their Horses were good enough to go to National Level Competitions. How quaint of Her? Most of the States Judges were present. How wonderful? What is it about these People from Interstate, that come here and say things that damages the Career or Riders' and Horses?....and they wonder why the industry is stuffed? The Riders have all spent at least $200 to Volunteer themselves, to help the Judges out. Disgusting!!

So once again, at the Competition ( and remember Mrs. HP won so this is only about the Industry - it's all downside for Mrs. HP that I should dare speak).....read the results of the recent survey, held by Equestrian SA.

Don't listen to me, listen to the Membership!!!!!


and so back to the comp the other Lady.

Still stuck in the Dark Ages. The 6 and 6.5 People. No encouragement, only looking for the bad, the States best Horses, all going fantastic and they can't get out of the doldrums of 6.5 ....and they wonder why the Industry is suffering and not progressing!!

and so, such attitudes of Judges, always looking for the Bad, cause them to make many mistakes, even those at the top. Like this.

The Head of Judging, gives Mrs. HP a 4 for Her 3 changes across the diagonal, in the Advanced 5.2, with the comment.....

" Should be every Third Stride"



The Judge needs to read the Tests.

Congrats to the B Level Judge who saw it correct. 5.5, one good change, the other correct but a little Bum high.

So Judges should "Listen to their Clients" They are there to serve the Riders' and to keep the Sport viable. To keep Morale high. That is still not happening, because of the Old Girls stuck in the Dark Ages of the Les Strathmary ( oh I remember him well.....5556556556556555 through his entire Career on every single Horse)

So back to the NATIONAL JUDGE EDUCATOR ( who could even have breached the Civil Laws of damaging Professional Riders Career income)

I note with interest, that one of the States top Riders' has attempted to negate that damage, by organizing this......on Her Facebook Page.

Well of course, such tactics shouldn't have to be used and Roger shouldn't have to be placed in this position of having to try and undo damage.

Disgusting!!!.......and I well remember the last time I sparked up on this subject. Ron Patterson.;....Cappo......5's all Day. Well Ron, he became the F.E.I. Horse of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were no Judge that Day,

Well done to the other Judges. who were trying as they are lead by the 'Old School'





This is a Horse Welfare issue



The Eternal Fight of Horse Trainers around the World goes on but it is becoming more and more difficult every Day for as try as we may, respected Organizations and now Scientists too, create untold damage to the fight to make the Life of Horses a better outcome.

This is anti Horse Welfare and brainwashing these Kids to be Horse Fighters for the rest of their little Lives. They will terrorize the Hell out of their Horses, their Horses will hate them and who know, some may be injured.....just like this one Today, Leading Horses just like this!!!


England this Week.



So here we go with our wonderful RISK MANAGEMENT. Look Mum  NO REINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look Mum, I am going to terrorize the Hell out of the Mouth of My Horse for the rest of my Days and turn it into a Bolter

Look Mum, I am going to get jumped on top of by a Warmblood in a few Years time

  Hell, it may even be at the Olympics


and look how happy my Horse is Mum???

Sadly, they all LUV HORSES!!!!! ....little do they know ...the Horses hate them!


and look Mum, I have turned Him into a 'Head Chucker'......I won't "Listen to Him" for the EA don't.



and I will learn Kick to go and Pull to stop....AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and another wonderful Face on the lovely Pony.


This is anti training, anti Horsemanship and anti Horse Welfare....al in 2017. The Dark Ages Folks. Kids, don't listen to a word they say. It started in the Dark Ages, with the British Horse Society and it continues 200 Years later.


and just when I see this........the F.E.I. is getting into the Game.

I enrolled this Week, in a Horsemanship course.....with the F.E.I.  I have gone through two questions so far. "What is Horsemanship"? They gave me the answer, Yay.......

go read a list of Papers written by Scientists. No Horse Trainers, only those with Doctor after their Name. They will tell me what Horsemanship is, this Week when I have a Peek.

Those who answered the research study, included

Dr. Paul McGreevy

Gender: Male

Primary Stakeholder Group: Veterinarian or Equine Sciences

Primary Fédération Equestre Internationale Discipline: Not Applicable

Country Representing: Australia

Brief Biography: Professor of Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare Science at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Veterinary Science and Honorary President of the International Society for Equitation Science

and of course, I have had recently 'Peer Reviewed' the good Doctor.





Doctor Paul McGreevy. NSW University.






I hear Saddle fitters talk a lot about Manufacture, Saddles and fit but not about Horse deformity, caused by CROOKEDNESS, the plague befalling most Horses in this Country and othes.

Here is one such case.



HI Kim

You problem is that I don't put money before ethics.

You have to know the reality of Life, of engineering and mathematics. Saddles ARE NOT MADE one sided, to fit CROOKED HORSES.

So I won't give you any guarantees to try and sell you something.

Having said that, I have sold a lot of Saddles to a lot of People WITH CROOKED HORSES. I note this Year that virtually every Pommy Horse I see, is crooked like Your Horse.

I don't get any problems from the Owners though.......so why is that/???

Probably because my Saddle Tree sits behind the Scapula.....and

I demand a purpose built PROTECTIVE Neoprene Pad to help take up any deformities.

AND TO PUT PEOPLE IN THE POSITION THEY SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO HELP the Horses with problems.

on another note

We could fix the Muscle Tone of that Horse, My wife would be one of the best on the Planet at it and our systems work

So I'll await your reply.





Amongst Horses x-Rayed recently, by the Adelaide Plains Vet Clinic, was one that had the largest Body of Sand ever seen by the Vet's.

It had been fed copious amounts of Psyllium  as management of the Sand Problem.

Yet again, no proof Psyllium works and yet is recommended by most vets.





Gday John


We purchased a sound 12 year old mare with the intent to ride her for cutting we have had the mare just three weeks and she dropped dead today.  She has been fed the same diet as our other horses, the mare in the paddock with her has had exactly the same program ie: ridden for 20 minutes in the morning, fed Lucerne chaff and steam flaked barley. Rugged day and night rugs and watered from the same trough.

The vet has stated it is unlikely to be colic or twisted bowel as the mare was sick for a short time and the symptoms don’t fit.

Do we have any recourse – we did not the mare was very lethargic when she arrived however it was stated she was extremely quiet mare, however we are not sure if it is worth an autopsy and if anything would this leave us with any option against the seller.  The mare was sold on the premise of being suitable to ride/compete on and as a sound breeder.

Or is it a case of have stock expect losses.






To whom it may concern,
I undertook a contract in Jan 2017 to purchase a 3 yr old futurity quarter horse trained and finished after his Futurity & showing at RA Nationals AELEC Sept 2017.

I put thousands down as deposit to hold this horse.
(They did this contract sale last year with a reining aquaintance and this trainer followed through on the contract.)
I assumed it safe to go this path knowing the horse well & having worked for these ppl casual basis over the last 2 1/2 yrs.
10 days ago the trainer could not get this horse shown in the show pen & spat the dummy and sacked the horse. I received a text from the wife saying they were selling the horse elsewhere.
I reminded them we have a contract and that they could not do this.
During the last 24hrs I have had constant texts from the wife, threatening, demanding intimidating in effort to make me withdraw from the contract.
I have spoken to the president of our governing body who was ingested in the case and their tactics and behaviour but as a civil case advised me they could do nothing but offer moral support. There is a file on this trainer and wife for other similar issues and I was encouraged to document and forward all to him to file.
I have continued to try to civily work this out today.
Last communication was their proposal for a 'new' contract. The email also stated they had a buyer in quld who had entered the house in the cloncurry stockman challenge?
However in other txts I was assured there was no other buyer, then told they were selling etc etc.
I would like some guidance/advice & think it wise the proposal for a new contract be viewed and changed by a solicitor.
I appreciate any help and your time.
I was given your details by a friend who had horse issues in the past that you helped with.
Kind regards




Hello John I am writing with an update on the situation and seeking help since our phone call earlier, this past week. I emailed the sellers with your advised comments incorporated after the incessant texts of harassment and contacted the Reining Australia President also, requesting intervention on their behalf as I believed the trainer/owner was now in breech of professional conduct standards,  unbecoming of one of their (umbrellered) Trainers.

The Veterinary results were returned concerning the horse in question for purchase (the sale always depending on the results of vet report in contract) & they were damning with multiple skeletal irregularities most specifically concerning the hocks. This allowed us to make the judgement to not  go ahead with the purchase and request our deposit be refunded as the contract was now concluded. I sent an email to inform them off this. ' Enclosed with email sent after we spoke on the phone'. They returned deposit that evening it was cleared next morning into my account.

 I posted privately on my page that the horse was not to be mine due to failing vet check with no personal reference of them, no personal attack on them for what they had done or inference that they had done this to the horse. It was to inform close friends that had followed my impending joy to have a new horse that it wasn't too be, why & the importance of vet check & radiology before purchase. I was however bullied for my honesty. Apparently the findings should not have been disclosed (remained hidden) for 'I guess' the obvious reason that now ppl knew he was not technically sound. As far as I was concerned I was done with the whole situation now.

Hoping the horse would be moved on to someone who knew the risk (would be informed due to sale integrity) and would care for the horse. I was alerted by a friend yesterday however that this RA NRHA Trainer had now on his 'public' business page posted the documents of: contract; both emails, with my bank details, email address our names starting he had been advised of professional misconduct and given a brief on story obviously omitting their harassment behaviour toward me.

 Now that our private details are online for the world to see, is it legal for him to do this? How do we get this removed? Can we sure them for this whole disgusting affair of bullying and now online character attack. Which several of their friends are also carrying out on their FB page (having no idea of the truth). I emailed again Reining Australia President yesterday but the documents are still there this morning.











" With every Webbing Halter, generally comes a Horse with substandard Ground Manners. In my Career, the exceptions would rate on one Hand"







Fannie Bay Equestrian Club have been told by the City of Darwin council that the club's option of a 20 year lease beyond 2020 is no longer available, and they will be evicted from their current site at East Point Reserve in 2020. The council advised the club that their lease was up in August 2015 and in June 2017 the City of Darwin councillors voted to uphold this decision. The Equestrian Club are devastated by the news and are still hoping they can work with the council to reverse the decision. Richard Margetson spoke to the President of the Club Mel Brenton as well Darwin's Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim.




THE Bendigo racing community is in mourning after former jockey Donna Philpot died in a track accident on Tuesday morning.

Philpot, 48, was riding in a jump-out when she fell from her mount. Police say it is believed another horse fell on top of her.

Philpot was treated by paramedics on course but was unable to be saved. The horse she was riding was euthanised by a veterinarian as a result of the injuries it suffered.
Donna Philpot died after she fell from a horse at a racetrack in Bendigo.

WorkSafe’s executive director of health and safety Marnie Williams said four workers had died in Victoria in less than seven days.

Also today a carpenter aged in his late 60s installing flooring died after falling from the first storey of a house being built at Kalkallo north of Melbourne just after 10am.

“Each of these deaths is a tragedy that is devastating for their families, their workmates and their communities,” Ms Williams said.

“It can never be acceptable that a worker does not get home safely at the end of each day. It is why employers and workers must remain vigilant, don’t take risks and put safety first.”




“Back when my kids were at the Pony Club, you used to pull your pony out of the paddock and go and have a fun day and go home.

“And it didn’t matter that you didn’t have the most expensive horse or the best looking horse or the most expensive saddle.

“The whole concept of Pony Club has got very competitive.”

Despite her concerns, Alston said the sport instilled discipline in children – the type needed to control a horse – and helped produce successful adults.

“Because it’s sportsmanship, mateship, all sorts of things. They’re the basics of Pony Club,” she said.

The State Combined Championships start at AELEC on Saturday with the showriding.

That will be followed by the showjumping on Monday, the dressage on Wednesday and the jumping equitation on Friday.

There are almost 400 competitors.

The 14-club zone five consists of Tamworth, Bendemeer, Nundle, Kootingal, Quirindi, Gunnedah, Boggabri, Barraba, Manilla, Narrabri, Coonabarabran, Baradine, Currabubula and Wee Waa.

Alston said it was exciting that the Combined State Championships were being held at AELEC for the first time and she believed it would give local competitors an advantage.

Mostly importantly, however, she wants the riders to enjoy themselves.

“It’s very competitive, but as long as they have fun,” she said.

It is the second year the Combined State Championships are being staged.

The Pony Club Association said: “This event format gives our 13,000 members the opportunity to participate in more state events than ever, as well as bring many of our members from all over NSW together in Tamworth for a fun, competitive and great quality event.”

and please pick the happiest Horse - the one with the longest Reins!!!!!!!!! Well done Young Lady




Denver, North Carolina – Firefighters were called to help remove a horseshoe that had become stuck on a horse’s hoof. The fire department received a call from owner Lyn Caldwell, asking for a large pair of bolt cutters.

“We figured out quickly that the bolt cutters weren’t going to touch that horseshoe so we called for the heavy rescue truck,” Denver Fire Department Chief James Flynn told reporters. “We just revert back to our technical rescue training in dealing with humans and try to apply the situation to the horse.” Using a special tool used to extract people from car accidents, the shoe was cut and removed.

The horse, named Jitterbug, was suffering from a lot of pain and was rushed to the vet hospital. “He’s in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable at the time. Possible surgery tomorrow if things don’t change for the better. Long road ahead of him that’s for sure. He has a lot going on. All we can do is pray,” Jitterbug’s owner said in a Facebook post.

Lol....one kick and it falls off....."City Folk"




On June 28, 2017, at approximately 4:55 P.M. the Idaho State Police investigated a fatality crash northbound Interstate 15 at milepost 111, just south of Idaho Falls.

Dirk Johnson, 59, of Idaho Falls, was traveling northbound in an empty gravel truck in the construction zone when traffic began to slow. Johnson was unable to slow down and veered into oncoming traffic. Shirley Williams, 65, of Idaho Falls, was traveling southbound in a Dodge 2500 pickup truck pulling a horse trailer. Mark Weidner, 44, of Pocatello, was traveling behind Johnson in a Nissan Maxima. Johnson struck Williams' pickup truck head-on, struck the horse trailer, then struck Weidner's vehicle.

Williams was transported by ground ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where she succumbed to her injuries. The horse in Williams' horse trailer died from injuries at the scene of the crash. Johnson and Weidner were not injured. All drivers were wearing seat belts.

All lanes of travel are still currently blocked at this time. Next of kin have been notified.

Johnson was arrested on vehicular manslaughter and booked into Bingham County Jail. This crash is under investigation by the Idaho State Police. The Idaho State Police was assisted by the Idaho Transportation Department and the Bonneville County Sheriffs Department.

Original Story:

Idaho State Police are investigating a crash on Interstate 15 that killed one person and a horse.

The three-vehicle crash happened around 5 P.M. Wednesday afternoon on the northbound lanes of I-15 near mile marker 112 in Idaho Falls.

The crash happened in a construction zone that was restricted to two way traffic.

A semi-truck was traveling toward Idaho Falls when ISP says it crossed into the center lane and struck a pickup that was pulling a horse trailer.

A white car also crashed into the back of the semi because of the collision.

Three people were involved in the accident. The driver of the pickup was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where they succumbed to their injuries. The horse being pulled in the trailer was also killed.

The drivers of the semi-truck and white car were not seriously injured.









Stop leading them 'by the Beard' Luv.






The owner of a horse who was hit by a car after he was spooked by a pack of dogs wants to raise awareness of two issues important to riders.

Pauline Watson fell from her five-year-old Jack when the five large dogs burst through an open gate near her livery yard in Durham at the end of May.

The coloured gelding ran loose along the road, straight into the path of an oncoming car.

Pauline, who was not badly hurt, does not yet know the extent of Jack’s injuries but she wants to warn others about the issues involved.

“It’s a lesson on the importance of having public liability insurance,” she told H&H.

“Luckily, I’ve got it through my British Dressage membership but if I hadn’t, I’d have had to re-mortgage my house to cover the costs.

“You think it will never happen to you, but even if you never go to competitions or hack on public roads, something like this can have such huge ramifications.”

Pauline’s insurance will cover the cost of the car, which was written off in the collision and for which as Jack’s owner she is liable, and any claim the driver may make for injuries.

Jack also damaged the lorry a friend of Pauline’s brought to the rescue and the cover will pay for a new ramp.

Jack suffered serious lacerations, which are now healing, although further investigation is needed to determine whether he also sustained long-term career-limiting injuries. Warning, very graphic image.

But no one was seriously hurt, leading Pauline to describe herself and Jack as “unlucky – but so lucky”.

“The car’s bonnet went under Jack’s belly and he flipped up and hit the wall of a house; he was knocked out,” she said.

“The road’s a 60mph limit and although most people aren’t that stupid, there are some. But this young girl was only doing about 30mph.

“That road’s regularly used by groups of cyclists; if he’d run into 10 of them, he could have killed five people.

“I’m 46 and been around horses since I was three, and nothing like this has ever happened, to me or anyone I know but there’s just the potential, what could have happened.

“So although I don’t feel very lucky right now, me, Jack and whoever else have been very lucky indeed.”
Control of dogs

Pauline also wants to raise awareness of the harm dogs can cause, as those involved in her accident were able to approach Jack as the gate was open.



A horse that had his ears and eyelids chewed off by dogs is “thriving” since his rescue earlier this month.

Rudy was found entangled in barbed wire in Oklahoma City, USA, on 2 January.

When he was rescued by staff from Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre he had spent two days stuck in barbed wire fencing in freezing temperatures.

Unable to move, he had lost both ears, eyelids and suffered a fractured jaw after being attacked by dogs.

Rudy had extensive facial injuries — both of his ears had been torn off, as well as a large portion of the right side of his face.

View close up pictures of Rudy’s terrible injuries (warning: you may find these images distressing): picture one, picture two, picture three

US press report that Oklahoma City Animal Control is now pursuing charges against the caller.

“He’s doing wonderfully,” said Natalee Cross of Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre earlier this week (Tuesday 26 January).

“His wounds continue to improve and are getting smaller everyday and he is down to only having one leg bandage on.

“He continues to make great improvements with the wounds on his head. They continue to retract and have healthy pink granluation tissue. His eyes are looking good and the wound under his eye, where the fracture occurred is doing great.”

Rudy is also adapting to life at the centre.

“He nickers when he sees a new horse enter the barn and is happy to greet you when you enter his stall,” added Natalee.

“He continues to show an amazing personality — one full of gratitude and happiness. On nice, sunny days, he likes to go outside and see what the other horses are up to.”

The centre has raised nearly $22,000 since Rudy has come to it — far surpassing its target of $8,000 to help pay for his care.





Another display of horrific animal cruelty in Kilkenny. This took place on the Hebron Road just at McDonald's. Not only has it resulted in a dead horse but it could also have caused a serious accident on the Ring Road and the driver (who appears to be very young) is lucky to be alive! This is not culture! Its down right cruelty and abuse and a complete lack of regard for the law and the safety of road users.

We have created laws to ban sulky racing, we have highlighted all of the abuse through the local media and we have raised it publicly with the guards on numerous occasions and it only seems to get worse! We need to see prosecutions, horses taken away from those who cannot or will not care for them properly, these un-regulated and unchecked carts banned off the road altogether, underage banned from using horses at all on public roads. We need to see a willingness from the authorities to deal with it and a clamp down on all the sites scattered around Kilkenny where horses are dumped in fields and areas taken over and turned into make shift ranches (eg Hebron House) and not a single penny spent on any horse project until every community takes full responsibility for a problem that has gotten way out of control. There is a big difference between culture and torture and so far all Im seeing is torture!







As I search for worthwhile horses and riders to profile, to feature, and to celebrate in our wonderful online community, I’ve noticed an almost unfathomable trend. While I love seeing barn and show life through the eyes of all sorts of equestrians, this one thing stops me dead in my tracks every time I see it: Snapchats and Instagram posts of someone tacking up a horse for a young rider at home or at shows.

There are a few circumstances – particularly at an event – where I can see the need for some extra hands. If you’re riding five horses in three different divisions in two rings across the property from each other, I totally get it. You’ve got under saddle classes back to back and the ring steward waits for no one? You definitely need some help there. You’re riding through the pain with a dislocated elbow because this is your last chance to qualify for zone finals? I suppose.

(Also, in case this isn’t abundantly clear, I’m not talking about adult professional riders who are running a business and have a goal of efficiency; Any successful professional in the business has obviously paid their dues and has the knowledge base in place.)

But guuuuurrrl, if you’ve got time to update your Instagram story? If you’ve got the free hand to hold your phone and you’re literally sitting down watching a groom swing a saddle onto your horse’s back? That’s not only an embarrassment to the sport, it’s poor horsemanship.

We’ve all got things that keep us from being the best horsemen we can be all the time, but if you’re not there to learn every step, what are you doing there? What is your end game with this thing? If you have even an iota of interest in someday being a professional but don’t know how to tack up your own horse at 15? SPOILER ALERT: You’re not going to make it.

If you’ve got all the money in the world for horses and custom saddles and spare grooms and the world’s best trainer, I can guarantee that no matter how much you’re willing to spend, someday you’re going to get passed up for the opportunity of a lifetime by some absolutely die-hard, scrappy young rider who rinsed her own buckets, bathed her own horse (and five more horses before it was dark out) and knew how to braid with her eyes closed.

I also can’t quite shake that this particular trend feels like a tone-deaf flaunting by the upper crust that exists in the hunter jumper world, and it feels so embarrassing to me on behalf of the vast majority of participants who scrimp and save and work so hard to get their piece of the pie. For that matter, it’s probably embarrassing to the other wealthy participants who would never let a thing like money get in the way of their horsemanship or learning experience.

Should these words actually reach any of the offending parties, I know most of them will dismiss this as the whiny, out-of-touch musings of the lazy middle class; maybe some will read this and feel picked on, perhaps embarrassed enough to stop actually posting it to social media, but are going to silently go on living in a detached world where you only know your way around a saddle and not a barn. That’s fine. The sport needs your dollars.

But I pity you. I pity that someday you will look back on your adolescence and think fond, fuzzy memories of that horse that packed you around the juniors for a handful of years. When I look back at the horse I showed for most of my youth, I can still tell you the exact spot her fall coat first started to come in around September. I can tell you about her tiny hernia, the little scar below her elbow she got as a filly, and the exact length and shade of her eyelashes. I can tell you the size of her chestnuts, the feet she picked up generously for cleaning the one she didn’t. And someday when your horse is long gone, every single vivid memory is a priceless treasure.

I can tell you with almost perfect clarity about the night at a slow-moving horse show that my mare stepped over my chair where I was holding her lead rope and placed her head in my arms and fell asleep. That kind of trust was built on years of interaction at every minuscule level. If you’re just the girl who gets on and off at lessons and horse shows, everything I’ve ever experienced with horses tells me that your horse is never going to love you back.

But it’s not too late. Riders, if you’re afraid to ask – don’t be. Your groom would be happy to show you how to get going, and one day it will be a peaceful, familiar ritual. Trainers, stick to your guns. Demand more of your students. Don’t give in to fearful or inexperienced parents. And for Heaven’s sake, give that poor, overworked groom a paid weekend off. While a certain part of our sport will always be an outlet of the elite, the heart of it should remain those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and be proud of it, regardless of wealth.







A cluster of cases of a respiratory illness in staff and students at a rural veterinary school in Australia was traced back to their exposure to the infected fetal membranes from a mare.

A report on the 2014 outbreak has just been published in the journal One Health, highlighting the emergence of an unusual source of psittacosis infection.

Psittacocis is a systemic infectious disease caused by Chlamydia psittaci, which can trigger fever, malaise, muscle pain and atypical pneumonia. Complications can include inflammation and infection around the heart, liver problems, reactive arthritis, and neurological abnormalities.

Birds are the major reservoir, but outbreaks have occurred without direct bird exposure.

In November 2014, health authorities in New South Wales were told of the cluster of respiratory illness at the veterinary school in Wagga Wagga. Inquiries identified another case at a local horse stud.

All cases were traced back to exposure to the equine fetal membranes of the mare in question. Samples of this tissue subsequently tested positive for C. psittaci.

It was determined that nine people were exposed to the infected fetal membranes. Of these, five cases of psittacosis were identified. Two required hospital admission.

Four of the five cases were among staff and students at the veterinary school. The affected staff worked in the veterinary reproduction unit where students were undertaking a rotation at the time.

The identification of the further case in a person at a local equine stud provided a vital lead in determining the source of the infection, with investigators establishing a common exposure to the equine fetal membranes of the mare.

People who had direct contact with the abnormal fetal membranes were more likely to develop disease, the researchers found.

Jocelyn Chan and her colleagues, in their report on the case cluster, said the mare in question was normally kept at a farm in Goulburn, New South Wales. She was transferred to a stud farm in Wagga Wagga three weeks before foaling.

She foaled on November 5, 2014, with two stud staff present. A third stud staff member examined the membranes and stored them in a porous plastic feed bag later in the morning.

The membranes were grossly abnormal, with dark red to black discolouration.

The foal died a week later. The cause of death was not further investigated by stud staff.

The membranes were taken to the university by one of the staff members at the stud, who was also a student at the university. The membranes were examined by two academic staff and three students for teaching purposes.

The next day, a technical staff member from the university transferred the bagged membranes into a watertight bag and stored them in a freezer.

All cases reported fever, fatigue, headache and clinical signs of pneumonia, as identified by doctors.

The onset dates of illness ranged from November 9-17, pointing to an incubation period between 5 and 14 days, and a likely point-source exposure between November 3 and 5, consistent with the exposure to the fetal membrane.

The likely modes of transmission from infected fetal membranes to humans were either via the airborne route or direct inoculation of the eyes or nose.

“The emergence of an association between equine fetal membranes and psittacosis in humans has important implications for disease prevention and control,” the authors said.

The authors noted that, in veterinary medicine, equine fetal membranes were routinely examined for completeness and for signs of disease.

“To prevent infection in at risk groups, the US Compendium of Measures to Control Chlamydophila psittaci Infection recommends the donning of personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling potentially infected birds, and using a biological safety cabinet and other strategies to prevent aerosolisation of infectious particles, when performing necropsies of potentially infected birds.

“We recommend the use of PPE for the examination of abnormal equine fetal membranes to protect veterinarians and other staff involved in the handling of horses.”

They continued: “While previous studies have demonstrated the presence of C. psittaci infection in horses, horses have not previously been considered an important source of infection.”

Further research was required to learn more about its prevalence in horses and other non-avian sources, they added.

The study team comprised Chan, Bridget Doyle, James Branley, Vicky Sheppeard, Melinda Gabor, Kerri Viney, Helen Quinn, Orly Janover, Michael McCready, and Jane Heller, from a range of organisations and institutions.

An outbreak of psittacosis at a veterinary school demonstrating a novel source of infection
Jocelyn Chan, Bridget Doyle, James Branley, Vicky Sheppeard, Melinda Gabor, Kerri Viney, Helen Quinn, Orly Janover, Michael McCready, and Jane Heller.









Hi John I spoke to your lovely wife today and she has kindly advised me to email you. I have had a look at your website and am not sure what to purchase or where to start. I am purchasing a WB foal early next year and really have no clue what to do. My plan was to send him to the 'breakers' when he is ready at 3,4,5 ?? And to ? Turn him out then ride lightly until he is ready for some dressage work. 6,7 ?? I've had horses most of my life but never a green or unbroken or young horse. I want to give him the best start in life and am truly in need of some guidance. I have access to a great coach, Leanne Williams at Avoca park and my farrier/ dentist / horseman David Martin but would love to do all but the breaking in myself. I would love some guidance on the best books, DVDs etc to buy as well as a timeline of when certain things should be started / introduced, if possible. I'm not interested in hurrying or pushing him quickly. My ultimate goal is to successfully compete in dressage at what ever level we get too, novice or advanced. Thankyou Kind regards Jay

Mighty big question Jay and quite impossible for me to cover it adequately here now.

The thing that concerns me is the fact that the Stud won't Halter Break the Foal and it is a Warmblood. I have experience with such a Stud, one with a Broken Neck, one with a broken Hock and another with the Guttural Pouch ruptured. It simply isn't fair on the Horse and in this Day and age could start to fall into a Welfare issue. It doesn't have to be so. Read this


I'll give You some key points to think about:

  • Warmbloods are the most difficult of the Breeds, the most dangerous, the most athletic, powerful and often think Buck during early events like shying.

  • Therefore, the Breaking in system has to be top notch, to suit them.

  • They can't stand SLOW, they love challenge and they don't like Owners who Creep.

  • They are really 'Professional Riders' Horses"

Now that I have frightened the Pants off You...............

You should do PLENTY with the Foal/Weanling and often.

When broken in DON'T SPELL THE HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride it's Ass off before any spelling. You MUST get a complete Handle on it. Spelling is Dumb.

I shall advise You if You wish.



Oh my god yes you have scared me. The stud does halter train, as well as lead, feet and float train too I believe. Arrrgghh! I'm not one for bucking nor am I a professional rider. What do you mean by creep? So start with leg restraints? And tying up? Far out. Maybe I should change my mind







The Article is here

The Video is here

Hi John and Linda, I have purchased many of your dvd’s and love them. I have a pony who I have found a bit difficult to progress in his training. I’ve done many of the things you talk about in your dvds and there has definitely been improvement. He is finally starting to muscle up in the right areas. He was definitely crooked and possibly still is, if not crooked we may have a soundness issue. I have started a few horses straight from the breaker and never found it so difficult before. He has an answer for everything and is the master of evasion. Do you take in horses for training at your centre? I feel it’s time for a professional to have a look at him. How much do you charge? I don’t have a good trainer in my area and the vets are pretty much hopeless with horses. I’m hoping even if I truck him down to SA it will be worth it. He is a lovely pony really with a lot of potential, but I need to know if I’m wasting my time and making matters worse. Happy to talk via phone if that suits better. Kind Regards

HI Sacha

By now you would know we don't chase People for Money so I won't say yes.

Can't you just go do this?


Just strt by giving us all the photos and do a Video




on youtube - private or unlisted

and then we can assess all???

Start there?







Hi mr O'Leary, I have bought your leg restraint training dvd and a pair of foal hobbles a couple of weeks back. I have had some leg restraint training experience whilst breaking in polo horses in Australia, but needed a refresher course (since this stuff is not done in Europe, unfortunately).

 Great dvds, thanks a lot! I have one question though, I have a 6 week old foal here, would you advice I do all of the leg restraint training on the foal (even the collar roping), or should I just do the front hobbles?  Cheers, Anske (Netherlands).


Hi Anske

Do the lot but in  the correct order.

start with front leg strap, then stockmans hobbles and then collar rope and in my case, then back leg hobbles as well ( which you may be able to do depending on fit. OVER BOOTS half way up the Cannon Bone.

The more the better. Then You get this. The South Australian F.E.I. Horse of the Year, worth Mega Dollars. Waits 2 hours for us

This Foal on day one ( files attached) totally ignored them and chased his two Mums for a game :)
You said GREAT DVD   were there two discs?????



Hi Mr. HP,

sorry yes there are two dvd's, but I have yet to watch the second :-)
I think I might stick to doing all but the back leg hobbles, as I have never actually done that on any horse before (as opposed to all the rest which was standard procedure for breaking in).
Thanks for your quick response and again great advice & dvd's!

Cheers, Anske.

Typical Dutch






Hi there John, Can you please send me the free ebook?., "Listen to the Horses'

 I have a new horse and surprise surprise having trouble. I have bought your market harborough which is great and just ordered a new saddle from you... can't wait for it to arrive. I am the absolute stereotype of your typical client - 46 yr female been riding all my life and having been bucked off a year ago and broke my arm and ribs ....now more worried than I ever used to be. Now questioning everything I do. I am worried I have developed so many bad habits over the years that I am the problem. I would like to go to lessons but finding some one where I live is difficult. Do you give pointers from video? I see you do live streaming training but that probably isn't possible for me. Thanks Michelle PS: I live in nz

Hi Michelle

Do you have internet? Linda teaches Ladies in England :)

Files attached.

Remember, AIR BRAKES are there to save You. That is why I am alive. Brainwash Yourself so.



Files attached








Is the "Green to Dressage" the same as the "Riding and Training the Green horse"? I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a step. Thank you, Wendy


Hi Wendy

No, not at all.

THE GREEN HORSE DVD's are from the first Mount up of the Breaker, through to hand over to the Owner.

THE GREEN TO DRESSAGE  dvd's are from the hand over to the owner and onto the arena, all the way to the first competition, which she wins :) lol same horse though, so you can track the whole thing.







Hi, Hoping you can assist. My husband recently purchased a 13y/o OTT male (who is a real sweetie). His previous owner had him for about 6 months and in that time she said he was hit by a car wheel that came off a car accident that occurred outside his paddock and he was not injured - just scared. We have found he gets frightened(?) by a lot of ‘new’ things. I don’t have much experience with horses so I am learning on the go. I have managed to get him to lunge - walk, trot and canter (he only new trot and canter before) to voice command - still on lunge rope.

The problem is that he stresses about new stuff. He is on beta calm and a herbal supplement designed to help calm him, but we would like to be able to take him off the property and out on trail rides. My youngest daughter (who has been working with horses for a number of years) says he is too fearful and freaks at new stuff to be able to take him out on trail rides and he is better off being a paddock riding pony only. I aren’t convinced. So, my problem is how do I get him to calm down for this. He has accepted me as his owner/trainer/boss (whatever the name is). He listens to my voice if I am out there or walking whilst others are riding him. So I am pretty confident I can get him used to the idea of getting off the property, I just don’t know how (other than staying the boss and taking him for walks like you would a dog so he can get used to the area). Is this the right thing to do? Do you have any suggestions.

Regards Fiona


Hi Fiona

Cute Letter :)

I have a few things to send You, that will explain more and tell You about the real World and the distance between a fun time and a Wheel Chair.

Your Daughter is dead right. Spooked Horses don't listen to voice. All is not lost however, You have arrived at Thoroughbred re-education Central Too much info to impart to be able to do it on email.



Thank you very much for your prompt response.

I greatly appreciate the articles and information you ave forwarded.

I have much research and patient work to continue with. I have done a number of the suggested training things and the vet, farrier and dentist are happy with him (so I think I am winning - at least a little bit).

Biggest thing to work on is his nervy issues, but time and patience (along with a big learning curve) and I think we should be ok. I am of the slowly slowly (but firm) learning school which he seems to respond to best (from refusing the bit to now taking it quite nicely, and rarely having to use it during flat work). Fingers crossed I can get the nervy behaviour to be more settled (even with a herd - we have 3 OTTB including Barney).

Have a great weekend.

Many thanks and warm regards







Hi john how are u.hope u are well.

i have a couple of questions for u.please.u might let me know a few secrets on american quarter horse.i have just got one.i got him for nothing.can be registered. He is out of the TASSELENA breed.very tall horse bulk built.the reason i got him for nothing is.the lady had him since a foal.he got trained up to be a cuttin and barrel horse.he hasnt had a bad hand on him.the lady give him to me because she cant ride anymore and she wanted to find a good home for him.she had a bad car accident broke her neck and has had 2 strokes.she was cuttin with this horse when things went bad.now the thing is never a bad hand on him.know his history .but hasnt been ridden for 7 months .i am going to use him as a trail riding horse.he has this thing he doesnt bite.but he does do alot of licking.when his head is down.he licks mostly all the time when i am around him.does that mean that something is wrong with him.

he is a very prancy quick horse.i am going to start on the ground first with him.not to sure about gettin on him.he is not a silly horse.the ladys kids get on his back and stand on him.yes but thats kids and hirses for u .he listens well to u.he is all trained leg aid.bows.slide stops.sidesteps.etc.very smart boy.with my riding me being a basic rider i hope he gets the right idea if u know what i mean.mind u if i was smarter this horse could go along way but im gettin a bit old for smart stuff.what would u do if u were me.i just not to shore on gettin on him first off.do the ground work etc.let him sit in the paddock for awhile etc.but i go to remember to he is only a young horse to.the lady who used to own him could ride well.bit better than me.thanku john.


Hi Dianne, he sounds nice.

The Licking would likely be just Him being over respectful in the presence of us Humans and if so, that is a reflection of somewhere in his past Life.

Do Your Ground Work, perhaps go do this


If he is inclined to be dancy or prancy, YOU MUST NOT fall for the trap and MUST re-educate that from Day 1.


Barrel Racing has the same effect Pony Club Novelty Events.

Then get the Young Local Cowboy around for one ride. Get his OK for You to go on and then 'Ride into the Sunset" :)

Best of Luck






Hi Mr HP I just have one other question. Horses that grind teeth when ridden. Teeth done 2 months ago by a dentist. Worse when I put his head down and is soft. happy and going forward but grinding and making squeaking nose. I use a myler level 1 snaffle and he seems to like it. Relatively young horse only 6. Has done it for as long as i can remember. Anita


Hi Anita

Almost always, that equals 'Tension'. Tension can be caused by many things of course and here You have the 'Pandoras Box'....what could be causing it.

Well here, the only real way of knowing, is to "Listen to the Horse' but that is often too difficult for Folks without enormous experience. A list of possibilities but not all are:

  • Saddle Fit

  • Ulcers

  • Sacro issues

  • Other Vet issues

  • Teeth issues (you have to use a powerful torch -  did your Dentist??

  • Rider induced Veterinary Problems caused by flexed off, lack of suppleness, not carrying on the inside Hind...and much more

So sorry to have not given You the total answer but at least, some hints :)


https://www.horseproblems.com.au/Video%20Problems%20Library.htm     (suppleness)