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To carry on with my 2017 New Year attempt to 'level up the playing Field' in Horse Training, here is another assault on the Day to Day Lives of Horses.




There are 'Crack Pots' all over the Internet and I might be one of them, but don't listen to me, get a second opinion from the Horses in this Story.

"The Horse is never wrong and never lies"


There are articles all over my Website, about 'Leading the Horse' and yes, I may have a mental thing about it but the reason for my obsession is that the VAST MAJORITY of the Thousands of Horses that have come through my Hands as so called "Problem Horses' ( of which there are none) have been caused by the British Horse Society as handed down through the Ages to Pony Club Australia and Equestrian Australia, leading systems, which are a fail!

and now we have the next adventure in forming the future of the Young in this Country The irony of this is that all of these lovely Young passionate Kids will dream Horses as they lay on their Pillow but little do they know that their Love is going to progress to an unhappy outcome for their Pony. So let's watch a short Video I have thrown together for this Article.




  • You pull - they pull - force meets force

  • They are stronger - we are weaker. We weigh less than 20% of their weight.

  • Why 'Mini Me' invite 'Arny' for a match of strength? That's what this invites.

    This is the text Book teaching.

  • They have sensitive Faces with thin skin over Bone - we should stay away from it as much as possible

  • You pull on the Face of a Horse - it reacts, it offers a 'give' or it becomes resistant.

  • If You pull on the face of a Horse 1,000 times a Day (which is what is going on here) and Horses are attempting to give 1,000 times a Day ( which they do at the start) but NO relief, no training, no softening, no offering comes, they shut down in all things pulling on their Head.

  • They all arrive at "Learned Helplessness' and that comes with

  • Sadness, depression and generally, just putting up with Life. the Face on this Promo Pony.

  • All of this ensures hard mouthed, resistant Ponies as resistance is a frame of Mind. It effects all things, including the Mouth. Now look into the Face of this Horse....


So in the Year 2017, when the enlightened Horse Trainers of the World have now been operating for 30+ Years, why would You remain in the 'Dark Ages'?


So Kids. If You want Your Horses to love You, don't terrorize their Faces 24/7. Simple as that.






The British Horse Society

Doctor Professor McGreevy, N.S.W. University, Equine Studies.

Doctor Andrew McLean


The "Phillip Karl System'



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