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Hp Comfort Saddle Pad



Waffle weave breathable. Thicker than others, hose it off, keep the main saddle blanket clean from fungicidal rashes, grass seeds, gum nuts etc.

High density neoprene inserts for saddle support. Ridden 3 months by me on Breakers (no other blankets) all fine.


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Quick note to say that we bought a couple of your saddle blankets last week and I test drove one today on a horse that detests most saddle blankets (he is a little bit sensitive).... it was a 100% success. He was relaxed in it immediately and hence took me about a tenth of the time to warm him up, in fact he started chewing as soon as I put it on his back. Then I tested it on 3 others and all approved. Very happy and would highly recommend them. Cheers. Rachael Fenn. (Camp Drafter)



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