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John O'Leary

I have been prompted to write this article because in the last month, December, 2003, virtually every horse that was sent to us for re-education, in other words (Problem Horses), had various Veterinary problems which were the reason for their behavior. How unfair on horses is this? The mind boggles at what horses have to go through in this Country and it is mainly caused due to a lack of education about the things that matter most. How cruel?

Almost daily, I meet people who tell me how much they love their horses and that no-one can look after them as well as they can. They lecture me on the needs of the horse when they drop them off and I often tell them that I look after horses better than the owners'. They look at me with a dis-believing stare and we go about  proving the point with every horse that comes on to this property, in a way that counts. Listening to the cries for help of these much loved steeds, not with a brush or another rug

  • Horses can read your mind 100% of the time

  • There are no naughty horses, only dumb Trainers

  • Horses only want to try until they are not heard.

  • So called 'naughty horses' are only communicating with you in an effort to make you listen.

  • Horses that Buck or Rear have only graduated to screaming through not being heard prior

  • You can arrive at a place where I am. To be able to read the mind of the Horse 100% of the time

  • Horses know if you care. They also know if you REALLY CARE.

  • Horses all want to please, until they are mistreated or confused.

Here are 27 of such Horses.



7 HOURS AND FEATURING 27 HORSES CRYING OUT FOR HELP. An in depth look at what not to buy and why, what Horses are pre-disposed to unsoundness and why.

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The ultimate example of what I say in this article, appears at the end of the above DVD. In case you ever get to see it (have the tissues ready) you need to know this:

  • The Mare had never once in 9 Years, "stretched out like a Grey Hound"
  • The Mare had never pawed in 9 Years
  • The Mare had never failed to stand in 9 Years
  • The Mare had never grunted in 9 Years



The list goes on and on. Please think about it. Try to hold your emotion whilst training and to think about these things first before getting all frustrated or shitty like most do. Especially you teenagers'.  If 100% of the last 20 horses that have come through our hands have had varying degrees of Veterinary problems, what do you think the percentage around the Country would be?

So, when your horse plays up, think Veterinary, un-happiness and confusion first!

C'mon Pony Club, start teaching them the important things first.


"An ordinary Trainer cannot hear a Horse speak, a Good Trainer can, a Great Trainer can hear them whisper and a Top Trainer can HEAR THEM THINK"

"Wear your Heart in your Hands"