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John O'Leary







The most Kind - the most affective (2 possible fails in 1,000)


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This should be adjusted up nice and flush with not a lot of room but not being unfair.

Remember that it loosens when they put their Head down to eat or drink,

There have been 2 unsatisfied Customers in 500 Sales and they were only from rubbing the Neck issues and then I altered the design and incorporated the 'Kid Leather" which has solved that slight problem.

Oil Well to protect from Weather and keep nice for Horse


To John 16/2/11

We spoke a few weeks ago About the windsucking collars i purchased from you for a thoroughbred mare and her foal. Here is proof that they both enjoy it as a family activity.

Regards Beau Mullin
Winflora Lodge 
Singleton NSW
2330To John 16/2/11


Hi John, Just a note about the collar, My 12 year old black and white Paint gelding started cribbing about 2 years ago, then turned to wind sucking. It was getting so bad that he was lethargic, loosing weight and muscle mass and not socializing with the rest of the herd of 6 horses. He would even stop eating his hay to walk over to the fence and suck wind then go back to eating and return to wind sucking. In the Fall of 2012 I thought I was going to loose him, as the Canadian winter was coming and he was in poor shape. He made it through the winter with the help of Vickie Keam a Equine Therapist and pouring the feed and hi protein supplements to him. But he was still wind sucking and unusable. After doing some research I came a cross your video. I took the chance and ordered your collar. After putting it on, Justice has not sucked a fence post or cribbed once. He has made it back to the horse he was, trial riding in the Rocky Mountains and my 16 year old son is now using him in 4-H rodeos and Equine program. I highly recommend this product! Well Done John.

 David Chambers Medicine Hat Alberta Canada



Thank for the fast response.

This new collar is for reserve. In case the first one breaks. I bought the first one in january of this year and it works fantastic. My horse does not windsuck at all and doesn't chew on the wood in the paddock. Wich he did before. 
Another positive thing is that he does not have injures/wounds around the neck from the collar. 

At the moment we're training for dressage competions, he's really doing well. His mood is much better, so working with him has become really easy. 
We've come a long way, I doubt if this would have happend without the collar. 

Thank you again for your fantastic product. 

Greeting from the Netherlands.

Ilona van Tilborg
Nederlands Goodday,


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your collar for my 19 year old appendix mare. She has been a severe winduscker all her life. It even got to the point where she would colic once a month and she dropped weight to the point we though she was going to die. I only owned the horse for two months before I bought the collar and knew she needed some help NOW. Your collar has saved her life! She does not windsuck at all! Her weight is coming back, the colic stopped, and she seems more relaxed. It also helped us determine a new problem with her that we never would have found. She has acute arthritis and she was hiding the pain by windsucking. We can now determine where and how bad her pain is an make her more comfortable. Thanks you for your wonderful collar!

Kristal Parslow

Fish Mt Rd
Lake Pleasant, NY


OMG the best purchase I ever have made.

I bought my TB 3.5year old from a lady who sold them on from the trainer if they were no good as race horses. She never disclosed that he was a windsucker and it wasnt until a few weeks later after I got him home that I noticed he occasionaly did windsuck.

I researched windsucking and tried the KER diet which did help alleviate the problem as I pretty much kept him full of long digestive food but as soon as I turned him out to pasture a few months ago he became chronic.

You collar has stopped him in his tracks and he is now starting to put on weight and be a happier horse.

Thanks so much for an awesome product.


Greenbank, Queensland


Hi Mr HP,

Just wanted to let you know that the collar we purchased from you works a treat:)

We are very grateful to have the problem fixed with the mare and of course there will be no bad habits picked up by the foal.

Will be recommending your collar to anyone who has this problem as it is simple and effective.

We dont need to worry about malfunctions (electronically)!

Kind regards

Debra Page




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