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Yes, they are all the rage and everyone's a Hollywood Producer. Billy Joel in 'Piano Man' said something like "There's Paul at the Bar, he is a 'REAL ESTATE NOVELIST" and so it is that many of the Horse Sales Video's have become Hollywood Productions, with many interesting yet not seen by the Multitudes, techniques.

I recently started Horse Purchase Assessments..... after attempting to educate through Facebook with my Quiz of the Week and getting attacked. We have now assessed 6 Potential Purchases, ranging from $$5,500 to $25,000 and found 5 out of the 6 suspect, by just watching the Video.

Then this Week, I had a quite an experienced Victorian Lady who watches all of the Stallions and Dressage with the Stars, with vengeance and she sent me a Video of a Gelding, asking could we give an opinion as she was just practicing to "Get her eye in" We found a number of things that raised concern in the Production of the Video.


It is my advice to you, to learn about reading the Seller, not the Horse, for it is the Seller that is your worst enemy. Judge the Seller, on their honesty and the best way to do that is to carefully examine the Video for Sale. What Tricks have been used?

  • Have they run the Horse like a Dog and then very subtly slowed the speed of the Video down to show bigger movement like in Holland?

  • Have they filmed it on the same Day?

  • Is the Video Edited and Cut?

  • Is the format of the Video the same all the way through??? 16.9 or 4.3???

  • Is it Sunny one Day and Rainy in another part of the Video?

  • Are the Shadows around the Arena different throughout the Video, showing different times of filming of the Horse???

  • Do they ride walk, trot and canter on BOTH REINS??? or equally on BOTH REINS???


  • Do they show Bend, Suppleness, Straightness?

  • Do you see any technically incorrect ridden moves? Like incorrect flexion for a Traverse? Incorrect flexion for a Counter Canter?

  • Do you see an Olympic Rider Counter Cantering a 4 Year old, with incorrect flexion, to cover up unsoundness in one Corner of the

  • Do you fall for the Slow Mo effect and the Mr. Whippy or Flags on Sticks frightening the Bejeezuz out of Young Horses?

  • and much more????

  • Do they Show the Changes both ways??? or do they come through the centre to do a change and suddenly do a Canter Pirouette which is saw on a Prix. St. George Horse sold from Spain to SA. and soon after disappeared from Dressage.


Did you know that it is possible to assess the Seller by what they write?? It is, completely. Most dishonest People, still have a Conscience and you will see subtle indicators bubble to the surface in adverts. Equally though, you will see the well used BUZZ WORDS and KEY WORDS that show a Seller is well practiced. Warning Bells of

  • Part of the Family for Years, very Sad Sale.........then don't sell the Horse!!!

  • Owner Pregnant.....then ride after the Birth and get your Ass tones up.

  • Doing Year 12......sorry, cut down the Facebook Hours and ride your Horse for one.....and so on....


Do you see the same Riders on the Horse in every Advert? Do you see a Kid on a Horse that clearly doesn't fit them? Do they show Film of ridden in Heavy Traffic?

This doesn't mean a thing!!!!


Crooked Horse Sellers are getting more and more talented and have more high Tec tools at their disposal. Photo shopping Horses, the use of transitions, the cunning cutting of Video during editing, re-starting the Horse in the same spot of the arena and blending it with the previous Lap.

If an expensive Horse, you may like Help.


Be careful out their Folks. It is a Jungle





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