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by John O'Leary

I have long held the view that General Purpose Saddles (GP Saddles), have been and still are, one of the most counter productive pieces of equipment available to the Horse Industry and yet, is so widely used

Like so much of the training habits and equipment, this too has been handed down via tradition and from the British Horse Society, though Pony Club and probably goes a long way to explaining why it is that so many People have so many problems with their Horse Riding and Training. For the GP Saddle is completely counter productive to learning to ride and for the training of Horses. Before I go on, have a look at this great Video that I found on Youtube and my Thanks to the Lady for sharing it.


Now a Client in Scotland where the Saddle affects her Hands which affects the Mouth of the Horse and Her skills of Training the Green Horse.

Now go to this great Website which agrees with my work on 'listening to Horses' and read the views  of this Vet, with special attention to Saddle Fit and Rider Position causing so much pain to Horses.

My reasons for not liking the GP Saddle are as follows:

  • That anyone learning to Ride in one can never gain an 'independent seat' and their own balance
  • They restrict and inhibit the movement of Horses
  • They promote the Legs of Riders out the front and send the Weight and impact to the back of Horses, setting the Rider in the incorrect position for Life.
  • They cause Riders to swing off the Mouths of Horses to find balance, thus ruining those Mouths and terrorizing them in the process.
  • Riders' in GP Saddles, generally frustrate the Hell out of Horses
  • They cause Training problems in Horses.
  • and they may just be one of the reasons why European Riders are so far ahead of the British. Dressage Saddles!!

In short, they are a disaster for Rider and for Horses everywhere.

So Kids, if you or your Mum's read this, ditch the GP and go retrain yourself for you will be riding incorrectly, your muscles will need to be changed and so will those of your Horse for as they have been compensating for your Riding all this time, their Muscles have also changed to the detriment of correct. Thus taking away the full ability to perform. Now for some Photos from England, of People with Horse Problems that have written to me.

First the Grey Horse that went around bolted several times whilst shouting to the Owner. Note the Legs and Hands on the left and then the new Dressage Saddle on the Right. (Note the Position and Hands and the relief of the Horse)




In Britain, this is what the GP Saddle Causes to Riders but of course I represent the Horses here.


Remember, for a Horse to be able to work properly, you need to be 'balanced' on a Horse. To be balanced on a Horse, your position needs to be "Heel,Hip,Shoulder"



This is what a GP Saddle does to you.
So throw them in the Bin and buy a Dressage Saddle Folks.



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