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John O'Leary




The most serious problem new entrants' into the Horse Industry in Australia face is the virtual lack of prior education and any clue as to where to go for help.

Starting out with your first horse or horses is fraught with danger and disaster. You need help and you need it fast. If you had it, life would be so much easier. I see people leave the Industry as fast as they came in, loosing all their money in the process, not to mention the injuries or even death as a result.

Problem is, no-one tells newbie's where to find help. Horse breakers hide under rocks because the Industry never promotes them, accredits them or puts them on any trade list. Thank God for the Internet as this is proving the greatest learning tool and reference point of all. Here are some tips:

  • If you listen to "Stable Experts", only take on board what you can confirm as true.

  • Always use Accredited Riding Coaches. Coaches from the Hacking World should be avoided. Go with the EA Australia Insured Coaches.

  • Always find and use "Career Experts" in each field. Farriers', Physios', Saddlers', Horse Trainers'/Breakers', Veterinary Surgeons', Horse Dentists and so on.

  • Find your local Pony Club and seek help from them. (Although they are not big on providing info)

  • The most helpful Horse Industry body in Australia is Horse SA

  • Learn about Horse Care, Pasture Management, Horse Veterinary, Feeding, Worming and make Dad learn to tow a Float

  • NEVER BUY A THOROUGHBRED. Start with a Standardbred.

We have saved thousands of people from leaving the Horse Industry over the years and have injected thousands into it. You  need lot's of help and if you get it the ride is far smoother. Owning Horses is a highly complex responsibility and if you are going to do it right, you must learn fast, real fast.

A lack of knowledge equals a sad and sorry life for horses. If you get into the Industry because you love horses, then you have a major responsibility to get up to mark on the upkeep and care of them. If you do not you are negligent and the horses will suffer. I see it every day of the week. More tips then:

  • Find and attend courses on the upkeep and care of horses.

  • Find and attend courses on the upkeep of your paddocks and pastures

  • Get advice on saving money, building fences, environmental protection of your land.

  • Veterinary care of your horses

  • Learn and understand the basics of shoeing.

  • Be up to speed on worming programmers and teeth upkeep in your horses.

  • Learn about Insurance and risk management.

  • learn about Horse Law

  • Know the Industry is full of Crooks

  • and above all....LEARN HORSEMANSHIP!!

Cruelty to horses through ignorance is rife in the Horse Industry. I see it every day. So if you want to prove you care rather than think you care, take the responsibility of Horse ownership seriously.

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