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John O'Leary





Here are a few questions that I have asked myself over the years and encourage you to do so too:

  • Do we worm our horse on the recommended due dates?

  • Do we have our horses teeth checked every six months?

  • Do we treat our horse for sand?

  • Do we ensure there is a dry area for our horse to stand on in wet times?

  • Do we clean the stable of urine and manure regularly?

  • Do we use lunging as a behavioral fix? I hope not!

  • Do we have our horse's hooves attended to when due or do we wait until finances allow?

  • Do we groom our horse enough?

  • Do we keep the tail trimmed so that it doesn't get trodden and pulled out?

  • Do we treat parasites or rashes instantly and fully?

  • Do we use a fly veil if needed?

  • Do we clean the water trough at least once a week?

  • If our horse is stabled and yarded, do we exercise it at least 5 times per week?

  • Do we at least lunge if we haven't got the energy to ride?

  • Are we cruel to our horse with over rugging?

  • Do we use drugs on our horse to enhance or control performance? I hope not.

  • Do we lunge endlessly before a competition? I hope not.

  • Are we cruel to our horse by using light control to enhance the coat rather than clipping or brushing?

  • Do we feed our horse drugs to enhance or thin coat? Are we cruel if we do?

  • Do we check to see if our horse has a sore back before we ride?

  • Does all of our saddlery fit perfectly? Are we sure? Do we know?

  • If our horse is stabled, do we send it out in the paddock for a holiday at least once a year?

  • Is our horse inoculated appropriately?

  • Do the rugs leak? Do they fit, Do they rub?

  • Is our horse float a rattle trap of a thing?

  • Have we checked under the floor of the float for soundness?

  • Does our bridle fit, the bit or is the brow band pressing against the back of our horse's ears?

  • Are a feeding regimes correct and balanced?

  • Does the horse require a mineral or salt block?

  • Are the fences and stables perfectly safe against injury?

  • Has our horse got a shady tree, if not, a shelter?

  • Has it got a wind break?

  • Has it got a friend?

  • Do we tow the horse slowly when floating?

  • Do we hose or sponge our horse down if it sweats during work?

  • Do we pleasure ride our horse?

  • Do we give our horse 'reward and relief' during training?

  • Do we yell at our horse whilst riding?

  • If we discipline, are we sure the horse knows why or is it just because it makes us feel better?

  • Do we enter events, especially 'Eventing' when our horse is not prepared properly, especially fitness?

  • Do we over face our horses when jumping? Are our jumps set at the right distances? Do we know how?

  • Do we make sure our horse doesn't get bored and then learn to wind suck etc?

  • If the work is making our horse foot sore, do we shoe?

You think of some....