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John O'Leary


UPDATED 31/5/05

Thanks to the customers who have forced changes upon some float Manufacturers. Well done for horses.

The best of those has been Unicorn Horse Floats from South Australia although still a way to go there too.

I don't often quote this figure but I will in this piece. I have floated around 15,000 horses during my life, and a fair proportion of them have been horses with floating problems. As a result, I have been a busy re-educator of problem and psychologically distressed horses.

There is no doubt that around half of the blame for this appalling state of affairs was the manner in which people drive when floating. The other half of the blame rests squarely at the feet of the designers and manufacturers' of horse floats in Australia, where I reside.

Over the many years, I have carefully examined the design reasons for the many injuries that I have witnessed and for the psychological damage where caused by horse float design. I have carefully examined most brands of Horse Floats on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and have remained puzzled to say the least, why the various manufacturers' continue to build incompetent  and dangerous design faults into their product. Horses provide these people their livelihood and you would think that more care would be taken in eliminating so many of the  dangerous aspects of horse floats.

Each year in Australia, a handful of horses get killed due to poor horse float design and at least hundreds are injured. From minor to massive injuries. Many others are turned into wall climbers or scramblers and go through the rest of their lives in blind fear of being traveled. Others go to the 'Doggers' Yard'  and to their death.

The part that amazes me is that there are many simple cures to these problems but I have always said to people throughout my career, "Horse floats are designed by Engineers, not Horsemen"

I have thought long and hard about how to tackle this one. Do I write for the owners'? or do I try to influence the Manufacturers? I have taken the decision to follow the latter course and those that choose not to be interested will find that perhaps some of their opposition will leave them behind in design and sales as an obvious result. This will be good for all horses as a lot of owners' do not listen.

So to any progressive and responsible Horse Float Manufacturer out there who is interested, please go to the subject ' DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS FOR HORSE FLOAT MANUFACTURERS. You won't be disappointed!