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It truly amazes me, that 15 years after Parelli first introduced Natural Horsemanship to Australia, that in excess of 90% of horse handlers' that I see, still lead horses in the British traditional way. I call this 'Leading without Control'.

If you want to see the most out of control badly ground mannered horses, just spend a day at the Races. Incidentally, it is never the horse's fault. I call these horses 'Leg Climbers"

This style of leading horse by the 'Beard' as I call it, was inherited as I said, from the British establishment, Military and Mounted Police. Spread more widely via British Pony Club and perpetuated down through time in Australia by the Pony Club Movement of today.

Ground manners has a direct relationship to ridden behavior. Ignorant on the ground equals ignorant under saddle. Resistant and pushy on the ground has a direct connection to ignorance of the mind. Because you cannot teach a horses mouth a thing, because the mouth doesn't have a brain, ignorance of the mind will have a direct effect upon the mouth of a horse. Not only that, but the attitude that goes with an ignorant and pushy horse on the ground can often translate into other vices, all the way up to bucking people off.

So if you truly want to improve your horses and change your way of handling horses, for God sake influence your Pony Club and get it out of the 'Dark Ages' A word of warning though, do not throw away your Pony Club ridden traditions and get all religious about the Parelli ridden as I have seen people leave the Pony Club movement because they think they have to ride in rope halters all of the time. They cannot go to Pony Club as a result and this is sad.


For the complete teaching on this subject, go to 'LEADING A HORSE WITHOUT A FIGHT'






Hi there John... I have been enjoying reading some of your posts and hoping you can answer a question for me.. when walking a horse whether thats just getting out from the paddock or taking the horse on an in hand walk through the bush where there is a chance of roos emus ect jumping out and the horse spooking.... is it best to have the horse at your side (as in the top of its neck adjacent to your shoulder) or have the horse  behind you... which is the safer?   thanks John.. Lisa


Hi Lisa......well You have come to the right place to certainly get a reaction rom that question The safest is to lead the Horse "like an old Cow" way out behind You. They will then jump to the left or the right but if a Roo leaps out from directly behind ( which I have had, triggering the Bolt of 30 Horses with Clients on them) it will simply run pas You and of course, You will simply rip it around and stop it.

Humans can't hold Horses with strength, especially during 'flight mode' The simply fact that You are leading at the Shoulder, means that You have very little rope and have chosen to lead with strength. You can't, but there is another very important aspect to this argument, something that those who Lead in the way of the British Horse Society, know nothing about as they have never experienced it and are therefore not qualified to argue the point.


Kids, Dog's and Horses are the 'Product of the habits of the Owner' They become 'brain washed' to the habits that they experience 24/7. They become hostage to those habits, so this is why Horses that are "Lead by the Beard' as I say......

are actually psychologically brain washed to be always up close and with the Human, which is why they leap on top of the Human during times of 'Flight Mode' That is Hell dangerous, which is why I am always cursing on the first couple of Days of an unbroken Horse's Life with me, for every time the 'Starting process' frightens the Horse ( which it always does and has to) the Horse simply doesn't jump away from me but tries to jump on top of me. These Horses are more dangerous to start than Wild Horses, for they jump away from You always........remember that thought.......

So why does a Wild Horse jump away from You always?........because they have never been lead at the Shoulder! The Wild Horse agrees with my argument on this subject.



It goes without saying, that to hold a Horse that is in 'Flight Mode' the Handler has to muster much more available strength than any Human has, logic.

  Therefore, the only way they can achieve this is 'down the rope' to use the loop in the rope and the sudden shock to the Face of the Horse, to spin them around successfully.

I could go on all Night but hope I have answered Your question.