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John O'Leary



The following warnings are about issues of Horse Management that can and do cause serious injury and or death to horses.

  1. Neck Rugs and Hoods are dangerous.

  2. Leaving halters on to keep neck rugs and hoods in place is dangerous.

  3. Loose back leg straps are dangerous

  4. Back leg straps not crossed over can cause accidents.

  5. Open tow bars on Horse Floats cause deaths of horses.

  6. Tying too long inside horse floats that equipped with head divisions can be dangerous.

  7. Over rugging horses is cruel and can cause colic and death.

  8. Moldy hay or other feed does cause colic and possible death.

  9. Centre divisions in Horse Floats that extend any further than 400mm down from the top can and do cause 'wall climbers or scramblers'

  10. Riding any closer than one full horse length from the back of and the side of the back of another horse can see you kicked with a broken leg or even death.

  11. Tying horses too long is more dangerous than tying too short.

  12. Tying horses up solid with rope halter and Parelli type lead rope can cause serious injury to the horse if you have not done your homework and learnt about the 30 or so traps.

  13. Skinny Hoods are often cruel and cut eyes.

  14. Driving any faster than 50% of the recommended Road Transport speed limit for each bend will cause the floatability of your horse to be ruined.

  15. The administration of drugs by anyone other than a Vet is illegal and possibly litigious.

  16. Drugs do not solve training problems or control problems.

  17. Bigger Bits do not solve Training Problems

  18. Don't jack horse floats up with car jacks. By an 'Easy Jack' and leave the horse inside.

  19. Webbing Halters cause ignorant horses.

  20. Salvation Jane kills horses.

  21. Sand in the gut kills horses. All Horses have Sand in the Gut, every Day and sticks, stones, bark, gravel and the rest.

  22. Leaving halters on horses in yards or paddocks is dangerous.

  23. Leaving halters on foals can and does cause bone growth in the shape of a halter.

  24. Long toed horses can and do fall with riders'

  25. Using side reins on horses below established Elementary Dressage level diminishes mouths.

  26. The average set of brakes that long reining can achieve is 5 out of 10

  27. The average lateral mouth that long reining achieves is 3 out of 10

  28. The new, thicker electric fencing wire can and does do horrendous injuries to horses.

  29. The normal temperature of a horse is around 37.7 degrees C or 100 F. Over rugging can cause their core temperature to rise above this and de-hydrate the horse, leading to Colic.

  30. A failure to protect your horse from Tetanus and Strangles can lead to it's death.

  31. Low hanging tree branches  in paddocks can and do cause major injuries to horses.

  32. Cotton lead ropes cause ignorant horses.

  33. 6 foot long lead ropes are too short for control or safety. Buy a 3.6m long Parelli type rope.

  34. Plastic leg straps are dangerous because they catch when you are removing the rug.

  35. Rugs with false skirts which hide the belly band fittings put a handler at danger.

  36. The new black plastic round rug clips are dangerous imho. Too long to do up or get undone, leaving the handler in the zone.


  38. Never stand behind the back ramp of a Horse Float when horses are inside. Severe injuries or death can result and has.

  39. Hay Nets are dangerous if not tied high and should not be allowed to slip. They can cut a Horse to the bone.