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Every Coach and Professional would experience dealings with people who have a dear passion for the Horse Industry and horses but who just don't cut it, are not of the profile necessary to achieve success and who go on year after year in failure, often with horse after horse. Some in my experience, for decades.

Rarely do they get told because in this enlightened World of 'Politically correctness' which I call 'speaking with a forked tongue', people just continue to take their money, mouth the same old things to them year after year but knowing all the time that it is a waste of time teaching them. You can imagine the lack of incentive and boredom the Coach goes through knowing that there will never be an outcome or any work job satisfaction out of it.

However, in our case, where Mrs. HP meets the same people, I do go to the enth degree to endeavour to motivate them, massage their mind, get down and straight with them, go out of our way to persevere with them, working on their horses and fixing them week after week and equipping them with the tools to be able to take control of horses to a point where we know that if they were ever going to 'get over it' it would be then, but they don't.


To be successful in the Horse Industry, your profile plays a big part The days, a lot of lot of City Folk are being brought up more and more softly and often too soft to win the respect of a horse, let alone a Coach. On the other hand, Coaches are losing patience with such people because they are becoming what appears the majority and they just know that it is going to be a lost cause. Children sream like Babies when they fall off even if uninjured and the Parents run to their aid and perpetuate their grief which compounds the inability for them to handle the task. It used to be that Parents would just ask, "Are you injured?" and when the answer was 'No", it was "Then get back on and off you go." 20 falls later, the Kid could ride, had the 'right stuff' to make a horse Rider and above all, knew that Mother wasn't going to turn into an Ambulance Officer and Social Worker at the instant. These days, a couple of fall offs and out of the Industry they go with their tails between their legs.


Horse Riding is a tough and dangerous Sport and not for the faint hearted. Horses are 'lethal weapons' and in the hands of amatuers makes for an endeavour to be taken seriously by all but many people who are attracted to it really should be at the 'Dog Show', not the Horse Show.


Once again, these Institutions are turning out more 'Mamby Pamby' Kids who are losing the will to win because they are not allowed to and the accent has been on having everyone winning, no-one losing and everyone getting a ribbon, try or not. This too has diminished the toughness of Kids and even the Adults now as the whole Generation has evolved.


There has been a huge swing throughout Society, especially amongst those who seem to wind up entering the Horse Industry whereby the Female of the House is the Boss and the Husbands (if ever seen or met) are reduced to second rate importance and not the Roll Model that they once were and so the strength of Character and toughness that used to come from the Male in the House has almost been lost forever. I look at these poor Men and see the depression in their eyes and wonder how it could be so. At least 85% of the Horse Industry is made up  Females. The Horse Industry is a 'Womans' World' these days and they travel in packs, rarely with Husbands. The Kids therefore, fashion themselves on the Mums and for the reasons as stated above, end up with grandious expectations of the Children which comes from memories of the days when they rode horses and were of the end of the Generation that gave them some 'guts' but alas, in many of the cases thewse days, they only serve to weaken the Kid to failure.


Strength brings respect both in Human and Animal and of course we know (or should kno) that the entire system of Animals revolves around strength and respect. The wek die or are killed off.

Horses are no different and horses hate weak people. Horses hate people with weakness of Character.





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