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Fairly outrageous proposition?.......yes, it may be but trust me, I see it all the time.

You will find numerous articles on this Website and You may wonder why? The fact is that I and probably every other Professional Horse Trainer in the World, owes at least 75% of their work and income, to the substandard 'ground manners' of the Horse. ( Ground Manners meaning the Human simply doesn't know how to achieve it)

If I may pass on to You, that the Horse is the most co-operating of Animals and really only wants to please us Humans.  How many times have You heard People talk about Horses in a disparaging way? We all have of course but across my long career, my happy experience has always been, that the only negative behavior perceived by Humans, about a Horse, has ALWAYS been wrongly judged.

So in another attempt to get through to Owners' that "Leading the Horse' has such enormous ramifications, I can attest to You right now, that substandard so called 'Ground Manners' causes much stress to the Horse.



Horses are internalizes. They try hard and worry a lot......on the inside. They take things to hard and they take things seriously.

Horses, being Wild Animals, have a heightened set of sensory preceptors and are 'Light Years' ahead of Humans in terms of reacting to touch, noise, feel, smell, etc., so with all of the aforesaid in Mind, let me explain what happens when THE MAJORITY, yes, the majority, of Humans, lead Horses. I see it every Day and I saw it multiple times Today.....this is why.....

When a Horse is lead in the 'English Style', meaning a Mindset of controlling the hugely powerful Animal via strength, even if strength is not being used, things are happening at the 1/10th of a Second, hundreds of times per leading occurrence. Simply getting a Horse out of it's Stable and leading it out of the Barn to the Tie up Rail say, multiple touches, pulls, jags, pushes, can take place against the sensitive Head of a Horse, with thin Skin over Jaw Bones, Facial Bones, etc.

Each time the slightest touch comes against the Head of the Horse, it reacts, it tries to give, as it was taught, it gives or it pulls BUT.....every time it does, the Human (English Discipline Trained as against Western trained) doesn't notice, has no idea. This goes on Thousands upon Thousands of times through the Daily Life of these Horses and fairly early on, they start to 'throw in the towel' and succumb to a thing called 'Learned Helplessness', which leads sooner or later, to 'stress and even depression', unhappiness and then Ulcers.





In this brave new World, it seems to me that the almost the majority of Humans have issues, need Counseling, need support, de-briefing and even Psyches, but the Horse Owners amongst them don't have a clue that the Horse is even more fragile and needs all of the above, but it never comes.....unless it arrives at my Place.


and so, because of the 'learned helplessness' and being 'internalizes', they get Ulcers. The Human, consumed in themselves, mostly doesn't realize and because Ulcers then cause more negative behavior, the Life of the Horse is Hell. If You read the article in the Link in this paragraph, You will see that Ulcers cause fear, shying and more, in the Horse.


Morphetville Equine Clinic, South Australia.

  • 2 out of 3 Endurance Horses have Ulcers immediately after competition

  • Over 58% of competitive Horses have Ulcers after 3 Days of Travel and competition

  • 90% of Racehorses have Ulcers


So the British Horse Society, Pony Club Australia', the Mclean System of Ground Training, EA Australia through Ready Set Trot, (all of whom have no idea about this unless they stumble on this Article) are responsible for untold trauma to the one's we so call Love and whom many make their living from. Ironic indeed.


In case I have gained Your genuine interest and You want to know what the alternative is, please go here. and please read the Faces of these Horses, then go and compare them to the one's above





Just look into the Faces for the answers........

So if You think You love your Horse, how about reflecting a moment and if you are tugging on it's Head, finding a better way????







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