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Dear Mr John O`leary, I would like to ask for you advice: I have been starting a young horse just 4 in June and I did follow your video instruction ` Mouthing The Horse`. The horse stops as soon as the long lines (trough the roller) touch he bit,on his mouth, turning and looking at you. It was going absolutely fine as I sat on him following the one rein stop but unfortunately lounging another horse in the round pen I twisted my knee and pulled the middle cartilage ligament. To cut the story short an army chap  offered to sat on the horse (obviously it convinced my wife that he was very experience in braking horses,etc the usual `bla,bla) as I am enable to do riding for the time being I agreed.

The horse was perfect twice when he sat on him (I was holding the long lines and helping to get him up and down of the horse) but the last time when he tried to dismount for himself (after telling this guy to hold onto one rein and he did not) the horse panic and buck him off (nothing rodeo like) and now I have a problem where I have to restart the process and tried to teach him to allow getting up and off without panicking. My question is if there a solution to the problem without resorting to `heavy` tactics. I would not mind pay for your advice (as long as is reasonable) as I just got scared of sending my horse away as there is not many `breakers` that I could trust. The horse is a well bred Warm Blood that came from Germany and he was not handled at all as a foal. He does accept the saddle and I brought one `Ardal` (dummy jockey with boots) and does join up,ect.) but he is `worried` type. If you can help and advice I would be very grateful.



HI Carol

Incidentally, it is not my system that You are using Long Lines whilst Mounting, however......

There is nothing worse than this happening as Horses get a Psycho Problem about it, that if not fixed, lasts forever. I don't know what Your definition of (to quote You) " heavy` tactics."
but I can assure You, I have fixed dozens of these, but You must embrace "Leg Restraints" Now I don't call this 'Heavy Tactics' for I have saved the Lives of Thousands of Horses, with them and never hurt one. The thing with Your Horse could be fix Him or he loses his Life. The Latter would be heavy :(

So before I go on, let me know Your attitude to this

Here are some photos of one of them on arrival here from NSW, broken in by a Professional.




The only way to completely take away any doubt about the Horse escaping a second time, it to use my system of "Leg Restraints', which actually become the comfort zone for Horses. You can only remove psychological problems of the need for 'Flight' if the will they can't. Only then will they lose the fear of the mounting up process, because it is proven to them that it is ok, why....because they couldn't and didn't run away or Buck.


The fix for Your problem is on Disc 2 of my Leg Restraints DVD's (  ) with a Horse that was probably worse than Your Horse. You only get one more chance with these. Stuff it up and the of the Horse is over because they take this subject extremely seriously and immediately end with a Mental condition of major distrust of the Mounting process.



You cannot make mistakes during the starting of Horses, where the 'Mounting Process' is concerned. Get Bucked off or let a Horse shy away causes major and immediate suspicion and from that Day on, the Horse thinks that You are a 'Prey Animal'

You CANNOT afford it to happen again and the Horse has to be fixed by and during the next Mount Up. Fail and You run the risk of seeing the Horse off to the Meat Factory down the Track.

Therefore, prior to mounting that Horse normally thereafter, You have to prove control.


Getting rid of a Rider during Mounting is the ultimate "learned evasion' and cementing of the 'flight response' Just the opposite to what the Starting process is supposed to produce.

Horses don't do it on purpose, they do it through fear and it is consummated by a lack of control

Once it has been proved to the Horse that it can't escape, the next and every time it is Mounted up (until fine) You should Mount Up with my the Ozzie systems.


Australian Horsemen lead the World in systems of control, to shut down evasion and to prove to Horses that they may as well not think about it.

My 'Mouthing system' provides the Tools for just that and protects Handlers and Horses from negative events that could threaten the future Career of latter.

You cannot stop Horses Bucking with the FRONT BRAKES, only the LATERAL MOUTH


 You should then do this, with every suspect Horse.....  

If not happy and You cannot shut the Horse down whilst bucking, then You should do this.

Then, Mount as the Australian Horsemen do, not as the British Military do




Well of course, he Military/BHS/Pony Club system taught across the Planet, is anti Horsemanship and Dangerous.

  • The Handler has NO CONTROL over a "Green Horse'

  • The Reins are not controlling the Horse at all

  • The Rider has his Head perched over the Neck/Head of the Horse waiting to be knocked out if it rears

  • There is too much Air Space

  • They are in a GP Saddle

  • The Handler would auto pull the Horse to his Side should something go wrong, causing the Rider to possibly be kicked and trampled...and more


....Best of Luck



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