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Mouthing the Horse

John O’Leary




Mouthing the horse is the most crucial thing you will ever do or have done as you start your career down the long and windy road to success or failure. Which of those roads often depends upon your survival of the 'green horse period' and whether or not the horse was successful in bucking or running through the bridle at all.

Mouthing of the horse is the number one foundation stone that can provide you with so many add on benefits, the protection of your investment and of your safety.

I am a student of 'mouthing', it is my fetish :) I have closely observed and tested the product of the mouthing of every horse that I have ever sat on and that has been now over 20,000. I rate them on a scale of 0-10 and in two ways. The front brakes as I call them, the pull on two reins to stop which is what most people unfortunately do with young horses and the most important side of the mouth, the laterals. I think I put a 10 on my horses. The best I have felt on others has been a rear 8 and mostly 6.5.

I have lost count of the wrecks that I have seen or been asked to fix where people have had young horses run away with them or bucked them off and this all gets back to mouthing. The best way to ruin the entire breaking in process and therefore lose your $$$$ investment is for there to occur a disaster under saddle during the formative time. The time after you have your young horse handed back to you and you have to survive. You cannot afford mistakes and if there are none, you will end with the perfect horse.

The finished mouth, depending upon the system, also ha a direct link to how easy or difficult it is for the owner to put a head set on the horse depending upon their chosen discipline. The amount of resistance present dictates how difficult the task may or may not be and that all comes back to the mouthing system.

There are two aspects of the mouthing system period. The time with the Breaker/Trainer where it is their responsibility to install the best mouth possible and then the period after hand over where the owner has to cope and the mouth has to be RETAINED!! What the Trainer does depends on the mouthing system they use and the mouth can only be as good as the system allows. There are many:

  • The long reining system

  • The side pull system

  • The get on and mouth them under saddle

  • The walk along side the horse and make out you are on it. Steering and stopping at the walk.

  • The John Lyons system

  • Tying heads around and back systems

  • Tying heads to tails or hind legs systems

  • Natural Horsemanship systems with rope halter

  • The John O'Leary system

I am not going to go into the quality of each system but I am going to blatantly announce that mine is light years ahead of the rest and to back it up, I have $10,000 ready for any challenger who wants to match it. There, that blatant enough? I have never come out and really promoted or marketed any of my Products but this time I am and I don't apologize for so doing. Trainers, owners and horses everywhere can benefit immensely by switching to it. Go here to buy it.



Having said that, there is only one mouthing system on this Planet that can re-educate stuffed mouths and problem horses. There is only one mouthing system on the Planet that can be used to stop horses bucking and to train it out of them. It is mine and I am proud of that. Hardly known in Australia and not known OS, any owner can do it and get a better mouth than a Trainer and any Trainer who wants a career change should avail themselves of it.

When an owner/breaker first gets on a horse they are starting, they are completely in the 'lap of the Gods' for if the horse wants to buck and run, there is nothing in this World that they can do to stop it. No mouthing system that I know of can achieve this. Mine can and does daily.

For the retention of the mouth of the capitalization on it, go here for further subjects on the matter:

You only get one crack at the mouthing job and it can last forever, depending on it's quality. Average mouthing jobs do not last.

Here is just one instance of what I have been speaking about:

Hi John
Just to let you know (I have Mrs HP's DVD) I cannot ride like Mrs HP so have never cantered him in the roundyard or arena - just on a couple of nice hills in the National Park. And his bucking at canter in the round yard is without any saddle! Dog!.. However, having just started you Mouthing DVD on him - I have decided this is a great way of taking the buck out in the roundyard and am hoping that as he tries it on less and less in the roundyard (hopefully) I may be able to start safely asking for canter under saddle.
For the year I have had him, he loves to buck at canter in the roundyard - a couple of qualified people (and now you!!) have told me just to ignore it and he will do it less but it hasn't diminished - as the roundyard session progresses his general carry-on usually does diminish (sometimes in fact it escalates!), but with each new session, it starts out pretty much the same way. Yuk Anyway, after starting the Mouthing DVD (today) and using it at trot- he went into his normal buck happy canter and I pulled that silly big head around - well, even as I did it, I though OH MY Goodness - this is a lightbulb moment!! If this behavour is removed from his repertoir in the roundyard, we may be able to have a ridden canter without buck one day - what do you think about using your mouthing system in this way?
Anyway, apart from all that I'll have to get him vet checked now. What a shame I don't have it all together enough to do the utube thing - I bet you'd pick it in an instant. Anyway, We'll work it out one way or another. I'll let you know what transpires.
Cheers, Natalie

I was about to say that/ Put the -----------------. Lunge him. He bucks, you put his head up his bum and use it as a mouthing opportunity and to prove to him that you are all powerful. Then when you get on, he will not believe he can and you win.

You are truely magnificent!
thanks for all John - jeepers, after all this time, such a simple and effective thing. Thank you thank you thank you - I'll fix tha bugger!.
You are truely worth your weight in gold - I've had people watching this twit bucking for a blinking year!!! Not one bit of decent advice.
I'm so buzzing, I can hardly type straight!
I'm sure you know I've made more progress in the few weeks since we became pupils to you and Mrs HP than well.... ever!
Kindest regards
Will keep you posted on the vet outcome - have to get a video and then get it on video!!
Cheers, Natalie

I love it when a plan comes together Nat. :) I've emailed you on what to do. I am doing the exact same thing with a smart ass here right now. The 'Worlds best system of Mouthing" Yay Here he is.

** This is my first and only bare faced advert!


Go here for the vids.



yet another good example to make People have second thoughts about thinking they have any control whatsoever on a Breaker, with a rope Halter, for you have none. This is a Natural Horsemanship Fallacy, inadvertently caused by Pat but probably not meant. It is just that he had to be a captive of his own preaching. Well read my there is not a system of Rope Halter Mouthing on the Planet that can save you. Nor this highly talented and respected Gentleman.

Now don't get me wrong, rope Halters are wonderful and so in Natural Horsemanship but if you think you can be safe with a Rope Halter, you are Dreamin :)


"An ordinary Trainer cannot hear a Horse speak, a Good Trainer can, a Great Trainer can hear them whisper and a Top Trainer can HEAR THEM THINK"

"Wear your Heart in your Hands"

Mr. HP