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During our Career, we have encountered at least 100 Cases where Horses have been passed sound but when ridden, are not. Indeed, in one case, the passed Horse when found to be unsound by us, was then sold on and Vet checked sound once more.

Vets' can be forgiven for not picking up issues IN THE BACK HALF of the Horse, for it is almost impossible, However, there should be much more attention given to ridden work and/or Video of ridden work, where, as You will see via the Video's, the Horse reports where it hurts.




We have both viewed Your Video's and pass onto You, the following observations


  • The Rider is nice, has plenty of potential and deserves a better deal

  • That the Horse is an above average ex Race Horse. but reported to have only trained, not raced

  • That the Rider is being Coached incorrectly and therefore 'training incorrectly'. Coaches from the Saddle Horse World are not equipped to teach to the benefit of Horses with Veterinary weaknesses. In fact, their style actually deteriorates the physical state of a Horse. (please see Black Horse below)

  • It is therefore doubtful but hopefully possible, that the Veterinary affliction of the Horse is caused by such training, as mentioned in this article.

  • The Horse has been acting up in training and competition, with such negative behavior on the increase and heading towards Buck Jumping properly.

  • The Owner has left 'No Stone unturned' or expense, in Her attempt to get to the bottom of the Horse. That includes Consults by the Morphetville Equine Clinic and Roseworthy Vet Hospital, One Tree Hill Vet, plus Saddle fitters, Horse Trainers, Coaches etc.

  • The Horse has been labeled as "Naughty' by some.

  • We have viewed 3 Video's of the Horse. both in training and at a Competition, which shows the Horse going nice and then not nice.

  • We have met many of these Horses and despite the behavior, the Horse has a lovely temperament. None of this is His fault.

  • In our double DVD called "Listen to the Horses", we investigate 27 Horses that were deemed 'naughty' proved them all to be suffering from some type of Veterinary affliction.

  • The Horse has been gone over, examined and even had a PPE. No 'back end' problems were noted.

  • None of the Vets' have asked for Video of the Horse


We have seen many of these Horses and they always tell You what is wrong with them. Unfortunately, we have never been proved wrong.

The Horse has Sacroiliac Damage, most likely caused by the Racing Industry but possibly exacerbated by the ridden style. Linda can assist You there if You wish., but in short, the horse is travelling 'Stiff', lacking 'Suppleness' and not 'Over the Back' as a result, therefore, it can't be fixed during Riding, only worsened, together with the fast deteriorating Mental condition, where time is not on the side due to what has gone before.

Dr. John Kohnke states that up to 86% of Horses leaving the Track, are unsound in some way. We completely agree with that as experience from the 'Coal Face' of the Industry.

I doubt there has ever been a Study on the percentage of Horses that have strained, torn or otherwise damaged Sacroiliac but our sample of hundreds of them, tells us that the vast majority have.


We have seen at least 100 unsound Horses that have come to our facilities, having been Vet checked prior to arrival. This and the case of Your Horse, confirms to us that Vets' struggle to diagnosing such afflictions.


It is such a shame that the Veterinary Colleges have not appeared to have advised Vets' to consult Video of Horses, whenever there are behavioral issues, for 100% of them are caused by either the Veterinary, Psychological or 'Learned Helplessness' On our Sample, as 'Problem Horse Trainers of 50 Years and Thousands of Horses, shows that only 1 in 1,000 Horses are indeed suspect of Temperament.

In 100% of Cases, the Horse tells us via Video examination ( which often includes slow motion) what is wrong with them, together with our being able to now read their Minds.




The Horse suffers from rear end Veterinary problems and most likely Sacroiliac. In this suite of Photos, You will see the Horse continually communicating to You and pleading for help. I repeat, the Horse is a Darling.


This is a 'change of Rein' across the Centre and You can see the Horse hasn't been established for it. This is normal for Hacking but not in the best interests of the Veterinary. Not supple and flexed off.


Here we have 3 Photos across about 15 Metres.

The Horse trying for You


the horse needing relief from the Pain

and then doing the right thing for You at the Judge.



This set is more graphic indeed.


We have the Horse stealing relief



and then on the next Circle, it all gets too much

it escapes from the arena


The Horse drags You out of a Gap in the fence, to hide and then in a frantic attempt to give You the message and to hide his Head, he drags you out of the Saddle


to put his Head between his knees


and of course the thoughts of Buck but here, we see a frantic Horse attempting to strike away the Pain.



Consult Your Vets.



Similar Horses




I mention this as I hear it Weekly.

Historically, because of a Vet study which must have been around the Tom Roberts era, Vets' have recommend 'Trot Poll' work. We see that as outdated and we have had a great deal of success with one of our systems. (with 45 Page e-book) So get back to us later should all else fail.

As I said, we have seen too many of these Horses. Here is another one that suffered at the Hands of Hackies, for 3 Years, finally going to his maker after much Muscle de-generation from the compensation.




  • Ridden in the Hacking (Saddle Horse - Pony Club style)
  • Upside down Neck developed as a result
  • Ulcers
  • Running, and
  • Sewing Machine steps







See his continued journey here:

The Rushing Horse


Muscle Development of the Horse for Dressage


Unless such a Horse is ridden 'Inside Leg to Outside Rein', it cannot be rehabitated. All two handed ridden systems escalate Sacro damage.









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