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John O'Leary



Handed down through the Ages, has been the principal and belief, that to gain the respect from the Horse, you needed to beat it into submission, break it in by throwing it on the Ground, put on a 'Bigger Bit' or bigger Spurs. It is incredible how such a falsehood could perpetuate so long.


However, we now know that all along, the Horse was the most forgiving and co-operative Animal in God's Kingdom and that all we had to do was to ask nicely. So what are the ways to gain respect from your Horse?

  1. Leadership
  2. Consistancy in Training
  3. Empathy in Training
  4. Being a knowledgeable Owner and not confusing the Horse, having timing, feel and Savvy.
  5. Being an assertive Leader but always within the Scales of Training.

All of these things have been spoken of many times before, but let me introduce a new one and one that I have discovered since finding the 'Holy Grail'


About 5 Years ago, after having approx 25,000 Horses through my Hands, I finally gained 'The One Thing'....which proves how dumb I had been .

 Suddenly, every Horse I ever handled....all of them, immediately moved past just respecting me and begun showing true affection. Here are some since:



So why is it so?

Like 'Curley in City Slickers', I can't show you how to get it but I can give you more information than he did....

It is about a 'trueness of the Heart' in how you Train. A genuine respect for the Horse. A true belief that no matter what they may do wrong in your Eyes, that it is not their fault but ours, but it even goes deeper than that. Watch this Video closely, turn the Volume up and don't take your eye off the Horse. There are no tricks in play here.....

  First up, this Horse knows I 'truly care', that I care more then most, that I have the 'best interests' of the Horse at Heart, that I am inside the Mind of the Horse and they mine and above all, that I 'listen' to them. They know that is why I save so many of them from Humans.

So if you want 'respect from Horses' dare to rise above the norm, to open your Mind and your Heart, way above the Facebook Likes and Hearts but 'truly'.





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