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State Governments around the Country, especially labor controlled, have decided to make the Employer pay for the Billions in losses within the Bankrupt system what was 'Work Cover'

Re-Packaged and with a new Mantra, they are poised to pay those Billions off, by charging You under Work Safe Regulations, with fines up to half a Million.!!!! Get prepared!!!!

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Incident description

On 12 November 2011 a 25 year old male jockey died after being thrown from a horse during a training gallop.

The defendant was an individual holding obligations under s.28(1) of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 (repealed) being a person conducting a business or undertaking.

The jockey was riding the horse during a track work gallop and was thrown from it when the horse tripped and fell, most likely due to it fouling on an unraveled leg bandage. The bandage was not secured in accordance with the rules set out and administered by Racing Queensland.

Court result

The defendant pleaded guilty in the Mount Isa Industrial Magistrates Court on 8 August 2013 to breaching s.24(1) of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, having failed to meet his workplace health and safety obligations and was sentenced with no conviction recorded.

Industrial Magistrate Mr Rod Madsen ordered a 12 month good behaviour bond with recognisance in the amount of $16 000, as well as investigation, professional and court costs totalling $4079.


Possible On Site inspections and reports in SA.

Video Tours of Interstate Properties urged.


  • To not have a Plan will endanger You!

  • Do nothing and You will be exposed!

  • Non Horse Professionals have little idea

  • Know how to prepare Your defense.

  • Intellectuals  cannot see what Horse Professionals see.!!

In this Photo, from the Govt's own File, shows a Tie Up Rail that is a Danger to all who use it.

Here is a Guide I have put together, to assist You to examine Your Property, with "Real World examples, Photos and much more.

Nearing the end of my career and being Financially secure, allows me to always pass on cost or less prices to help People, hence my many token prices.






The use of recommended true Horse knowledgeable Lawyers is essential and they should be advised on tactics from by those from the Coal Face of the Industry. NOT PHD'S!!!!!!!



"Horsemanship - the art of reading the future, with 'Risk Management' in mind"

                                                        John O'Leary





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