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There is one in every equestrian centre, stable block or agistment property.


They are always "Would bee's if they could bee's" They have a burning passion to be at the top of the tree in the horse world but never had the ability to make it.

They almost always have a giant "Chip on their Shoulder"

They love to knock all of the true "Tall Poppies" in the Horse Industry like horseman, veterinary surgeons, farriers and the like

They rarely ever ride their own horse and when they do they do it badly.

They keep a horse for the one reason. The social interaction and the stable relationships.

They love to knock, backstab and white ant all accredited Riding Instructors.


They attach themselves to the hip of any learner, novice or amateur horse person and force their worldly views and advice upon them about subjects such as Horse Breaking, Farriering, and Veterinary. They prescribe medicines and treatments and Lord knows what else to the unsuspecting. Oh, especially their Riding Instruction.

DURING YOUR CAREER, USE ONLY FULL TIME ACCREDITED OR " BEEN THERE DONE THAT" PROFESSIONALS. If you are going to pay for advice, get the best. It doesn't cost any more!!!