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I bought a young horse a year ago had a well known trainer breaker him in, had him for 12 weeks breaking him in. The trainer only rode him in the round yard, which I thought was a bad sign at end of breaking. I could not ride him, I could feel he was going to explode when I got on him.  I do believe the trainer did not do enough ground work. I sold him to another trainer for 1500 told them he was not broken properly. I paid double for horse, paid more again for 12 weeks of breaking. I told the new buyer trainer to do ground work 3 weeks before riding him as the horse was untouched until 4 yrs old. They rode horse at end of the week, he ran thru a fence and bucked them off. The horse found a new owner, who spent time on ground and he is now doing well in endurance.
I have broken in 3 skidish horses before, but was not allowed to break in a horse where I was a agisted a year ago. Now I have bought an Anglo, have better agistment place
Thank you. For sending me the extra video, I really do appreciate it.
Thank you kindly 



HI Samantha

I have always heard about the Trainers who have Horses for 12 Weeks and more. I have never had the luxury.

Whilst 'Ground Work' is important, contrary to what the Marketers of the last 20 Years have lead You all to believe, the "Float the Rope' groundwork has no bearing on the finished Horse, other than the fact that of course, 100% Horses should be trained Natural Horsemanship but that can all be done later. It has no bearing on whether a Horse Bucks.


Here is my last one, 3rd ride and 7 Days Starting process (Jan 2017)


What make the difference is PROPER GROUNDWORK ( Stock Whip Training, Leg Restraints Training, Tying Up Solid and AIR BRAKES. That's it.

So well done and welcome to my Mouthing systems and safety for Your Body going forward.

 well known trainer had him for 12 weeks breaking him in.

12 Weeks equals either incompetence, ripping off Customers or the Trainer has run into a genuinely suspect Horse. If the latter, the Trainer should have immediately consulted the Owner, stopped working the Horse and warned them to get another Horse. You don't meet many but they are out there and responsible Trainers need to advise Owners in a 'straight up' manner. Not 'Political Correctness Bull Shizer of 2016

If you meet a suspect Horse, YOU KNOW ON DAY ONE or you are not a Trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best of Luck Samantha and we hope You have the success of other Ladies.




During my Life Time of Thousands of Horses, I have averaged 15 Days and never had one more than a Month. As I said before, if You need a horse for longer, IT DOESN'T SUIT THE OWNER.

In fairness and taking Horse Starting in across the Planet, I would say that 4 Weeks is fair to the Owner and 6 Weeks is fair to both Owner and Trainer. ANY LONGER than 6 Weeks and there is a problem!!!

Over 95% of Horses Owners are NOT skilled or experienced in riding 'Green Horses'. They therefore DO NOT need 'suspect Horses', and

this issue is actually a 2017 "Risk Management" issue.



Trainers have a Legal responsibility to Owners, via the Consumer Laws now. I recently had a Client who created a precedent in the Victorian Courts where a Trainer had to refund the Owner for a substandard job and there is another one coming from the Owner below.




I bred an Irish Sport Horse who is now 3.June last year i sent him to a professional breaker where he spent 8 week being broken in, as he wasn’t quite mature enough to cope with any more work and winter was approaching the breaker and i decided to spell him and reassess in spring. Unfortunately this breaker had a bad accident breaking his pelvis and was not available to ride again for 12 months.

 I contacted -------------------- He is an exceptionally experienced rider and i chose him to  send this horse too to bring back into work.The horse spent 4 weeks with Rob, all feed back was positive at $60 per day - I paid the December bill of 2,244.00 - Wasn’t told the price was + GST either?? Should of been $1860 as he arrived on the 1st Dec) On the 5th week i went to visit my horse, where i discussed the prospect of selling him as my work build up was too much.

--- took him to the round yard where the horse bucked him off. He told me this was a first and strange.He didn't ride him, which i didn't question as he had fallen off and i gathered he was sore ect.A week later i received a text message stating he would not being working my horse any more, knowing well i was away on a work trip - AND would NOT put his name to educating him, thus i believe he was not working him. Went and picked the horse up and have not heard from ---

 He won’t return my calls. I do not know the reason he won’t work my horse, the problems he’s had and am now left with a horse that i do not know whats wrong with I now have another bill for $836 with $22 a day agistment fees which i also was not informed about. I’m really reluctant to pay this further bill as he has not done what we agreed on. Could you please advise if you have any advise? 



  • Able to be Saddles up and ridden safely.

  • Have a good Mouth and above all, a GOOD Lateral Mouth

  • Traffic trained and ridden on Roads

  • Bush Trained and Beaches if possible

  • Leg Yielding

  • Tying up Solid

  • Stock Whip Trained

  • Leg Restraints Trained

  • Riding Circles, properly flexed and round on the arena. Stopping to Seat.

  • Top Lateral Mouth

  • Float/Trailer trained

  • and more.......

Maximum 6 Weeks and as I said, average 15 Days in our case.

Here are some pics of Day 7 with some of ours.




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