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Human induced Stress in the Horse

John O’Leary





I meet so many horses with stress problems. Almost all of those problems are caused by man. I will try to graple with this most complex of subjects in a form that you may understand. At the end, I will be stressed.

The causes are endless but first I will deal with a couple that are not man made.

  • Pain causes stress

  • Ulcers cause stress

  • Pain causes ulcers


Man made stress includes:

  • High stress levels by Humans

  • Confusion.

  • An inability to do the work that the Horse was chosen for. (wrong conformation)

  • Teeth hurting

  • Crooked Riders

  • Poor Fitting Saddles

  • Bad Hoof angles

  • Worms

  • Sand

  • Breathing issues (Throat)

  • Not ridden according to the German Training Scale. (in fairness and with relief)

  • Endlessly riding on the arena

  • Riding incorrect Dressage. (above the bit, flexed off, not straight, not supple, not over the back, incorrect flexion.)

and much more

In general, horses are the most relaxed with the confident, knowledgeable and assertive rider who leads with confidence. Horses like clear signals, clear rules, boundaries set and a firm foundation of knowledge to back it up. Confusion can lead to stress. Mood swings in the rider, such as with the teenagers', passes on to the horse.

So, I hope you think more about this type of subject when interacting with your friends in the future. They sure will appreciate it.

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